A Country Practice

Season 2 Episode 6

Suffer Children (2)

Aired Unknown Jan 20, 1982 on Seven Network



  • Trivia

    • In the closing credits, Jill's last name is spelt Stevens. By contrast, Steve's and Robin's last name is spelt Stephens.

    • In the closing credits for her Script Editor role, Lynn Bayonas is credited as Lyn Bayonas.

  • Quotes

    • Marta: Even the Child Abuse Preventative Service stressed that the people concerned have to admit there's a problem before they can consider taking any action.
      Terence: By which time it might be too late.
      Marta: It is difficult.
      Terence: See me problem professionally is that if Robin Stephens is in a potentially dangerous situation I don't want to be guilty of ignoring it, or denying it.

    • Marta: You know you can't get too paranoid about minor injuries and bruising. Horses do that to you. I should know, I've got bruises in places you wouldn't dream about [Terence looks at Marta, Marta realizes what she has said and looks uncomfortable].

    • Jill: Does Vicky still see her father?
      Shirley: Oh yes, regularly. Loves him. I think that's partly why she's so determined to make it as a vet. Like dad. It's some kind of statement—and fair enough too.

    • Jill: You're lucky to know what you want.
      Shirley: Me? (laughs) Darling I am just as mixed up as anybody. I'll run around the world looking for Shirley Dean.

  • Notes

    • Simon mentions that Yarraman's is the biggest stud farm in the district.

    • Shirley mentions that Mrs. Harmon has an appointment at the clinic at four (on the day that Terence decides to go to the Stephens' house).

    • Terence mentions that Marta bet Alex at backgammon, while he has not been able to beat Alex at this, chess, or marjon. Also, Terence mentions that Marta has been feeding Alex seedcake. Alex taks his coffee strong and black.

    • Marta refers to the way Terence is "with children", but does not elaborate.

    • Robin's horse is named Danny.

    • Terence recommends that the Stephens undergo live-in group therapy at Montrose.

    • Shirley mentions that two years ago she was ensconced in the Himalayas with religious fanatics.

    • Shirley mentions that Vicky regularly sees her father.

    • Nurse Dobson summons Marta during the night shift to help with Miss Alison (who might be having a relaspe).

    • Terence refers Jill to Dr. Eisenstone.

    • Frank gives Shirley an anti-smoking poster to hang in the clinic behind her desk. The poster is seen throughout subsequent episodes.

    • Mrs. Moore and another man, and (later) Mrs. Johnson are seen in the clinic. A man and his dod leave the veterinary surgery as Simon walks in. A nurse is seen walking past the hospital entry corridor as Jill walks in.

    • Molly mentions that she received a letter from Christine in Melbourne.

    • Interesting role for Benita Collings, who is best known to Australian television audiences as one of the hosts of the ABC-TV children's television series Play School from 1969-1999.

    • When Terence walks into Robin's room, she is reading The Black Stallion. She saw the film when she went into Burrigan last week with her mother, where she had pancakes and ice-cream sundaes.

    • Frank bought Shirley a cigarette holder.

    • In eight weeks, Robin is competing in the Under 12 jumping events at the Midwestern Carnival.

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