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Gordan Ramsey

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    [1]Jun 10, 2009
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    I am outrage by the witch hunt set out by, specifically Channel 9 network in Melbourne,

    on Gordan Ramsey. As an Australian and Melbournian I apologize for this. Ironically Channel

    9 continue to show Gordan Ramsey's programs, and it seems they have got more out of this

    than Gordan. Gordan's character portrayed on his programs and live shows, are exactly what got

    him so famous in the first place, and the reason why so many people continue to support his

    shows by watching them, and dining at his restaurants. This is the same character we have seen

    in Melbourne recently. So for the media to portray him as a monster is shame full.

    It is character's like Gordan Ramsey that have made such a boring media experience in the

    past, bearable to watch.

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