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my sister heart ache due to the floods.

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    my sister, who's name is donna graham, lives at lower albert st in goodna. on 13th january she lost everything due to the flooding. she moved to bunderberg after she had her hip replacement, hoping that the weather up there would help her recover from her hip operation. she uplifted her four children. she has had trouble selling the house as it is in a flood zone so she deciced to rent it out. well on the 14th of january her house rose to her gutters. she lives in a high set queenslander which had been raised an extra 1 meter after the 74 floods. her husband lost his job on the tuesday the floods hit. they had already decided to move home once her tenants lease was up. her insurance does not cover her because they are call it arising flood. her tenants miss treated her property, her lawns were waist high which has made the situation worse. (as the sun can not get to the ground.) i have watched her cry constantly since and listened to her sob to me every night before bed. she was trapped in bunderberg until late friday. i teresa sulejmani went into her home. the tenants walked out on me and another friend, an left the mess. she is trying to get back to brisbane as she has to fix the place up. she can not afford to have the house empty or she will lose every thing, once again she will up heave her childrens lives. they are finiancally and emotionally nearly broke. she has no idea how she can afford to have a removolist to bring her stuff back, but i think the hardest thing i saw, was watching my sister donna tell us she can not remove the kitchen cubboards an sink. she thinks maybe the oven might be alright. i have tried to tell her that it is full of mud and what ever came down the streams is now under her cupboards an oven. she said to me 'i cant remove it teresa i have no money, i have to get the kids back to school.' she is in alot of shock. she has always been a battler and usuallyshe just goes with the flow. her children and husband are her life. she is the mum that helps everyone else out first. she is in every fund raiser for the schools. she does reading classes for the kids, she works the tuck shops, she helps fund raise the goodna kindy even though she lives in bunderberg. she has the biggest heart. i know so many people out there are suffering, i really do know this. but i hate watching her try an save things that cant be saved. as i said she has suffered so much over the last few years. 3mths after her hip operation she was painting her houseusing a frame. she has just replaced the kitchen which cost her thousands of dollars. she isthe woman who wont ask for help. she always believes some one else out there is suffering more. i watched her struggle scrapping the mud out of her house. her arches of her feet have collapsed from her hip. she's waiting to have them fixed. she has suffered so much for a young woman. she was only 30 yrs old when she needed her hip fixed andshe suffered for 10yrs until she was forty to be able to have the operation. her husbands mother died nearly one yr ago. my brother inlaw is the typical aussie bloke and nothing worries him. But to she him break down an cry is heart breaking. he cant believe his home has gone. where do we start? every wallhas buckled, every floor board is warped. well as you know the floods are damaging all over the country. i sit an wonder what can i do to help her. well all i can do is ask for some help. it doesnt matter what you guys do, or how little you do. she just needs to know the country knows she to is suffering. she is such a humble person. she deserves to have help. she is the most loving person, she is a wonderful friend, wife, mother., sister, listener. she is never to far for the person next door who needs help. what i can tell you about her she is a wonderful sister. an i couldnt imagine life with out her. i hope you can dig deep an see what i see in her. she deserves a little help from australia. thank you for taking the time to read my story!!

    teresa sulejmani.

    if you go to my face book you will see her home,an how deep it went.

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