A Different World

Season 3 Episode 18

A Campfire Story

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1990 on NBC

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  • A broken heating system in a dorm and a recruiting trip gone wrong are just the beginning of the fun for Jaleesa, Walter and company.

    It's the heart of winter and the heat stops working in Jaleesa's hall. Everyone bundles up and waits for the repairman to arrive.

    Walter tells the tale of his campaign to bring new talent to the Hillman men's basketball squad. He headed to North Carolina to speak to a high school star. Before he could do that, Dwayne got busted for speeding. That's not the first time, either: turns out Mr. Wayne had a pile of unpaid citations in his file. If that wasn't enough, Walter had no idea how to win the new player away from veteran coach Cap Connors. It got even better: the Hillman gents mistook someone for a camp-follower of the coach.

    That 'someone' was actually the man's wife.

    Oh, great...

    Back at the homestead, Colonel Taylor offers to help out with the busted heater, but the cure may be worse than the disease as his attitude gets in the way.

    It's a regular winter wonderland.

    Good thing winter doesn't last forever.