A Different World

Season 6 Episode 8

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1992 on NBC

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  • Whitley and Dwayne are having problems because they are not communicating with each other. Dwayne leaves early each morning and comes home and goes straight to bed each night. Whitley thinks suspects something is going on.

    I love this episode. It is a classic for the Whitley and Dwayne relationship. I love the opening scene where Whitley gets up before Dwayne to brush her teeth and hair so that she can look great when Dwayne gets up each morning.It\\\'s classic Whitley when she spreads her crowning glory out on the pillow. You feel so bad for her when Dwayne leaves without giving her a little morning nookie. But I can\\\'t believe she could actually consider that Dwayne is cheating on her and she mentions to Ron later. Ron is doing his own sneaking around with Freddie behind Kim\\\'s back. I can\\\'t believe they brought these two characters together after they hated each other for so long. But they actually work. Especially because Kim,is not left hanging and we see the sparks for the beginning of her relationship with Spencer. It cracks me up when she later tells Freddie that she already knew, when Freddie finally confesses. It\\\'s possible she knew that Freddie was seeing someone because she is never home, but how did she know it was with Ron?
    We also find out when Dwayne runs into Kim, that he has 3 jobs to take care of himself and Whitley because Whitley lost her job. Kim in turn tells Whitley, and Whitley acts as though nothing is wrong.
    I personally am not a big fan of the whole Montel Williams sequence. Would Whitley really call a national program and put her business out there like that? It did have it\\\'s comic relief though.
    But my FAVORITE part of the episode is the end, when Dwayne and Whitley sing \\\"Baby it\\\'s Cold Outside\\\" Whitley comes home and finds Dwayne waiting for her. He has been worried because she wasn\\\'t there when got home. He\\\'s listening to this song. They go into the bedroom, and Whitley lets Dwayne tell his bad day first. He mentions how cold it is in the morning, and how it isn\\\'t possible for Whitley to know but she looks so beautiful and smells so good in the morning. Then Whitley says that she lost Whitley for a while. They sing \\\"Baby It\\\'s cold outside, and dance with each other. Before collapsing on the bed to finally do the do. This episode is very romantic and one that I keep on my Tivo to watch again and again.