A Different World

Season 3 Episode 5

Forever Hold Your Peace

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Jasmine Guy (Whitley) aad Raven-Symone (Olivia) both make references to The Wiz based on Whitley's bridesmaid dress during this episode.

    • After Whitley dumps her bridesmaid's dress, she reaches for the refrigerator door and misses. She then has to lean closer to open it.

    • When Whitley's car gets a flat tire, why don't they run the motor for a few minutes to stay warm? Or are we led to believe that having a flat tire in a Mercedes causes the engine to NOT operate?

    • Dwayne packs his bags and then meets Whitley at Gilbert Hall. Since they're using Whitley's car, why doesn't she pick him up at his apartment?

    • Where did Dwayne and Whitley stay while in New York? Dwayne packed a bag and since he was also from Brooklyn, it seems likely that he would have stayed overnight with his parents. However, his mother does not meet Whitley until Perhaps Love. It seems unlikely that they would make a six or seven hour drive to New York, attend the wedding, and return on the same day.

    • After Whitley decides to forego her father's wedding reception, she sneaks into the Huxtable kitchen to make a ham and cheese sandwich. In Reconcilable Differences, Denise complained that Whitley hates cheese and refuses to eat it, so why was she putting big slabs of Swiss cheese on her sandwich?

  • Quotes

    • (Dressed all in black with a hat and veil when she's about to leave for New York)
      Whitley: What's the matter? Ain't you ever seen anyone dressed for a wedding before?

    • (Dwayne and Whitley kiss.)
      Whitley: What are we doing?
      Dwayne: I don't know.
      Whitley: Can we do it again?

    • Whitley: I know a lot of women who would be thrilled to have you act so foolish over them.

    • Dwayne: Yeah. Well, that dullard got the only girl I ever loved. Uh, the only woman I ever almost could have maybe fallen completely and totally in love with.
      Whitley: Surely on the face of God's great earth...well, she's not the only one you could fall completely and totally in love with.

    • Whitley (about Martin): Dwayne, the boy is cute, but he is a bit of a dullard. A laxative wouldn't do him a bit of harm.

    • Olivia (to Whitley): Are you Glinda the Good Witch?

    • Denise: Dwayne, this is Martin Kendall, my husband.
      Dwayne: Your who?!

    • Whitley: I'm gonna tell the congregation that Monica was a man.

    • Freddie: If you don't like these people, why do you care about how you look?
      Whitley: Who let her in here?

    • Dwayne (about Denise): I'm tellin' you, she's gonna come back. We're gonna graduate with honors.
      (Ron does spit take.)

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