A Different World

Season 6 Episode 23

Homie, Don't Ya Know Me?

Aired Unknown Unknown on NBC

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  • Lena friends from Baltimore visit and they bring a suprise along with them.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Different World. I love that they had Tupac be here ex because it was so natural because their like brother and sister.

    I love the fact that Dorian tried to stand up for her even though he knew he could possibly get his butt kicked.

    I think Lena's loyalties were really tested. I think that Lean's friends from Baltimore have to realized she's changed and only for the better. It was really suprising to see Lena defend Charmaine seeing as how normally they are arguing instead of gettting along. My favorite part had to be when Dorian and Picchalo started fighting
  • One of my favorite episodes. I was going through the exact same thing when it aired. Love this episode!

    This is my one of my favorite episodes. I had just graduated from high school and went to college 2 days after graduation. This episode showed exactly what I was going through (almost scene for scene) at that exact time it aired. When I see the reruns, it takes me back to that time. College wasa great time and Different World reminds me of those great days!
  • A classic episode

    Homie, don\\\'t ya know the late Tupac Shakur did a cameo in this unaired episode of ADW. The sixth season was a struggle for viewers as they were pulled off the air during midseason.

    This episode dealt with the fact that Gina\\\'s boyfriend from her old hood came to the college to see his baby. He was expecting things to be the same like the good old days but Gina has moved on with her education and a new man. Also, Gina\\\'s old crew tags along calling her a sellout and makes claims thats shes changed since she got in to the \\\"college thing\\\".

    Many college students have to deal with the fact that their friends who opted not to pursue higher education get jealous of this. A well written episode that is very relevant to society. There was excellent use of the new characters and helped developed scenarios involving them