A Different World

Season 5 Episode 5

In the Eye of the Storm

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1991 on NBC

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  • Rain, rain, go away...

    A storm hits and everyone takes shelter on campus. Col. Taylor is in charge of preparations. Whitley and Dwayne have to cancel plans for their anniversary. Jaleesa figures this might be it, she's done for, and seeks comfort at the bottom of a glass.

    Terrence tries to help his dad. Col. Taylor will have none of it, thinking his son too scatterbrained to make a difference, but winds up regretting the decision.

    Freddie goes on the air to make announcements on the hurricane warnings. Ron won't miss an opportunity for self-promotion, and comes by to give her a demo tape of his band. Though she doesn't like the idea, he is persistent.

    The storm closes in and the two are stuck at the studio. As the night wears on, however, the lines begin to blur and they find themselves taking an altogether new look at one another.

    The strangest things are out there in the dark.