A Different World

Season 6 Episode 3

Interior Desecration (a.k.a. Sofa, So Good)

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1992 on NBC

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  • Whitley and Dwayne have their first big fight, Ron searches for a place to stay and a step demonstration leads to a feud over the form's place in student culture.

    A friend in need is a pain in the neck.

    Whitley and Dwayne argue over whose stuff gets to make its way to their new home. All of a sudden the happy couple aren't so happy anymore. It's a lot harder to put up with each other than they thought. Not to mention their less-than-merciful landlord.

    Ron is in a similar state of limbo. Once a tenant with Whitley and Dwayne, he's now bounced out on his own. He sees his former crush with her boyfriend, Shazza. Soon Ron figures out he hasn't really gotten over Freddie. Shazza, however, may do so pretty soon. This could very quickly turn into either an opportunity or a big mess.

    A student step performance becomes the object of debate as some think it's just for show, while others see it as a valuable traditional expression.

    Home is where you hang your head.