A Different World

Season 2 Episode 11

It Happened One Night

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • How is it that Dwayne and Robert can so easily climb into and out of Jaleesa's 2nd floor room? If it was that easy, why didn't Dwayne simply climb out of Jaleesa and Denise's room (in Those Who Can't...Tutor) instead of using Whitley's fire escape? That way, he would have been on the opposite side of the resident director's room.

    • Robert and Dwayne seemed surprised when they climb into Jaleesa and Freddie's room instead of Kim's room. How could they make such a mistake since the rooms are clearly across the hall from each other? This means that Jaleesa's room is on the front side of the building and Kim's room is on the back side. Maybe Robert was too busy romancing Kim to notice, but Dwayne should have known better.

  • Quotes

    • Walter: Don't say another word unless somebody's dead or pregnant.
      Robert: Walter?
      Walter: You said another word. Excuse me, Colonel Taylor. What is it, Robert?
      Robert: You know my girlfriend Kim? Well, she took a test, and there's a good chance she's...she's....she's...not dead.

    • Dwayne (trying to change the subject): You know, if you put freckles on Dan Quayle, he looks just like Howdy Doody.

    • Freddie: I am never having sex. Not before I'm married, not after I'm married.

    • Whitley (to Freddie): Sit your Pollyanna behind down.

    • Dwayne: He made his bed, and he's willing to lie in it. Maybe that wasn't the best image.

    • Freddie (on Kim marrying Robert): That's great. Isn't it?
      Whitley: That's just peachy. They're going to fix a disaster by creating a catastrophe!

    • Whitley: He studies too much. Studies, studies, studies. Never has any time for you. That's why I like my men a little on the dumb side.

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