A Different World

Season 1 Episode 22

My Dinner With Theo

Aired Unknown Jul 07, 1988 on NBC

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  • A sneak peak at whats to come

    Despite the fact this episode was probably never intended to air either during this point of the season or at all, it was a pivotal point for the series.

    Lisa Bonet (Denise) has to leave the show due to her pregnancy was unpolitically correct for the time period and other issues she had with Mr. Cosby. As the storyline of this episode goes, Denise is thinking about leaving school for a semester due to her grades and struggles at Hillman University.

    As we learn on the season premiere of the 2nd season, Dwayne mentions that Denise chose to take some time off from school and that she may be back.

    This was good strategic planning to help ease the transition of what was to come of the series.