A Different World

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dwayne runs into Denise as she is coming down the stairs and asks why they are always bumping into each other. She tells him "because I am always late, and you are always in the way," he tells her it is destiny.

Stevie walks in and tells Denise her fee is late, and Jaleesa is as well. Denise says she was supposed to pay it for her, but forgot. Stevie says it sounds like they are getting along fine, and are now getting another roommate, named Maggie, and Denise isn't to happy with this. Stevie walks away and Whitley comes down stairs and tells Denise she heard about Maggie. Whitley insults Maggie, but Denise stands up for her, and Whitley laughs and walks off.

Denise goes up to her dorm room where Jaleesa is holding an odd new lamp Denise bought. Denise tells her about Maggie, and Jaleesa is okay with it since she grew up with eight brothers and sisters. Someone knocks on the door and Maggie walks in, rambling on and on about why she came a day early, and that she likes Denise's lamp. Maggie says she is nervous, but Jaleesa says there is no need to be. Denise asks her where she wants to sleep, on the top or bottom bunk, and they go back in forth insisting the other choose, but Jaleesa interrupts and tells Denise to have the top and Maggie the bottom. Jaleesa then shows her where she can put her things, and afterwards she leaves to call her parents. Jaleesa points out the fact that Maggie liked the lamp, and Denise tells her she knows and this is going to work out great!

Downstairs, Maggie asks an upset Denise what is wrong. Denise tells her that her dorm room check bounced and that she is going to be thrown out of their room. She says she just came from the bank, which yelled at her for her account being over drawn by $182. She tells Maggie she tries to keep track of her checks, but she can't always do it because she is in college and has to many responsibilities. Maggie says she would lend her the money but she just paid her tuition and bought all of her books, then she asks if perhaps Jaleesa could lend her the money. Denise realizes she also paid Jaleesa fee, and that her check will bounce too. Denise says she doesn't want to ask her parents for the money because she has asked them a lot of times and they might start to think she isn't very responsible.

Denise is now on the phone, trying to get a job, which she fails at. She hangs up and dials again, calling home. Her sister Rudy picks up the phone and asks her if she needs money, then her father takes the phone from Rudy. Denise tells him about Maggie, and that her classes are going okay. He asks her if she needs something, and she tells him she was just calling to say she loves and misses everyone. They get off the phone and then Rudy asks if she needed money and he tells her yes, but she was afraid to ask.

Back in her room. Denise tells Maggie she couldn't come up with the money and will now have to tell Jaleesa they are going to be kicked out. Jaleesa walks in from work Denise tells her about the checks and they have until 9:00AM to get the money together. Jaleesa starts lecturing her, then asks if she has called her parents yet. Denise says she won't do that, then Jaleesa leaves and says she will come up with her own money, even if she has to call her ex-husband. Maggie then tells Denise she should see the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Harris, because when she got there he told her if she got into any trouble to see him. Denise says its worth a try and leaves.

Denise quietly enters a classroom that is nearly over. When it is finished she goes to Dr. Harris, who she thinks doesn't remember her from orientation, but he stops her, telling her where she lives and has a 1.7 Grade Point Average. He says he knows these things because of his position. He asks her what the problem is and she tells him about the checks. He says this is about the sixth time her checks have bounced. In her defense she points out she always had the money to pay those, but this time she doesn't. She asks him if he could help her get a student loan, and he tells her they are for students who have a need. He says she has a lawyer for a Mom, and doctor for a dad, and should ask them, since this is a personal problem. She says she can't call them, because she is tired of them having to come to her rescue, and this is her problem and she wants to handle on her own. He tells her he could get her a part-time job, and a $200 advance. She thanks him, and they leave to go to the student center to look for a job.

Jaleesa walks back into her room and Maggie asks if she got the money. She tells her no, and she didn't call her ex because it didn't feel right. She has decided to go in the morning to see someone in financial affairs. Maggie tells her that she may not have to do that, and Denise may come through, but Jaleesa stops her and says she loves Denise, but sometimes forgets she is just a kid. Maggie points out that she is the same age as Denise and Jaleesa tells her she is a kid too. Denise walks in and Jaleesa asks her if she got the money, and she says she felt like it was time for her to grow up, and she got the money and a job. Denise pulls out her new uniform, showing that she works in the cafeteria, and this pleases Jaleesa because it means Denise will be working under her.

Back at the Huxtables' house, Rudy and her father are playing chess when the phone rings, collect from Denise. After he accepts the charges, Denise tells him about the situation she had early and that she fixed it herself and he would be proud of her. He says he is, and they hang up. Rudy asks if she still needs money, and her father says no, and Rudy says "good for her."

Denise walks back into her room, where Maggie and Jaleesa are trying to get to sleep and turns off a lamp. Once in her bed, she asks Jaleesa if she is going to apologize to her for yelling at her since she apologized to her about bouncing the checks. Jaleesa says no, and then a moment later Maggie disguises her voice and says "Huxtable, I'm sorry," but Denise realizes it was her and they all laugh.
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