A Different World

Season 6 Episode 5

Really Gross Anatomy

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Lena enters the PIT late and is yelled at Mr. Gaines to get on duty. Lena runs into the kitchen and places hush puppies into the fryer without gloves or washing her hands.

    • Also, notice that Kim holds the scapel in her left hand. In all other episodes, she is right-handed.

    • Do Kim and Ron actually "sleep together"? On the next night, she apologizes to Ron by saying "all work and no play" makes her "very dull."

    • Before she took over Whitley's job as dorm director, Kim worked at The Pit and had a job at a funeral parlor. If she has been working around dead bodies for over two years now, she should be used to the smell of formaldehyde, so why did she throw up in anatomy class after they opened up the cadaver bag?

    • As a first-year law student, it seems odd that Freddie would be able to take off for a couple of days to go camping with Shazza. It is obviously not the weekend because Kim and the others are attending classes and Whitley is still on her business trip.

    • During their dinner, Ron hands Kim a knife for her to cut the meat. She begins to cry and stands up from the table. Ron comforts her and they return to their seats. Ron then passes a piece of already-cut meat to Kim.

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  • Notes

    • Robert Guillaume previously appeared in Never Can Say Goodbye and To Be Continued as Dean Winston.

    • A storyline-dictated business trip for Whitley allowed Jasmine Guy to work behind the camera as director.

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