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  • Dr Stacie Maria Gardner

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  • I really love this show!

    I remember I always tuned in to this sitcom every Thursday nights! I love Dwayne Wayne and I'm really happy when he married Whitley because their relationship is most prominent! This show has been a part of my college years and I can totally relate in most of the episodes!

    I really missed watching it and purchasing it at dvdbooth. com which is one of the best online purchase I've ever made! Fast shipping and very reliable seller because the product has good quality!

    A Different World succeeded and loved by many fans and I'm one of them who never stopped liking this show!

  • The Best Show representing college life. A reunion is needed. Bring back the cast in married life, working on campus.

    I Loved this show and never missed any episodes. If I knew I wasnt going to make it home to watch the show, you can be guaranteed I recorded. I wish I could find the entire show on DVD legitimately. Brought it, was sent from a foreign country in China and had commercials and missing episodes. I Love the entire cast and each and every cast member in his or her own unique way made the show. God bless you Different World Cast. there will never be another like you. No matter how often will watch the repeats. The Best
  • Who knew college life could be so serious, yet funny!

    Dewayne-Wayne, Ron, Jalisa, Freddy, Whitley, Kim, the Deans , Colonel Taylor, Walter, Jada, The pit, Gilbert Hall, Terrance,and the rest of the Hillman Crew. So many reasons why A Different World captured the attention of so many viewers.This show was one of the best shows for young adults during the time, and rising children of adolescence. After season one it took off, becoming one of the funniest show's of the 1990's. Not too many shows were able to touch on real life's issues such as racism, Aids, alcohol and drug abuse, rape, jealousy, financial issues, etc. and still remain entertaining, light-hearted and down right comical. Every time I view it, it makes me feel a part of a "Different World" all over again.
  • I wish this show would come back, but all they did was repeat the same episodes. This show was a classic but it got even better when Jada Pinkett became a regular cast member. So underrated yet not trying to be funny like some of these false comedies.

    I wish this show would fully come back too, but all they did was repeat the same episodes of the first two seasons. This show was a classic but it got even better when Jada Pinkett (now Smith) became a regular cast member. So underrated yet not trying to be funny like some of these false comedies.
    Please bring it back to our screens or release them all on DVD.
    My fave episodes are the one with Tupac Shakur, the one where Lena meets up with her father (& enters a writing competition), the one based on the book Waiting To Exhale & many more.
  • A Different World... Was a very good show and funny without trying to be...I wish they would of had like 4 more shows that way we can see all the way how they ended off! And it being part of the Cosby Show always helped a little! MNM

    It was a very nice show!
    They did just about everything! Different Holidays different meanings and lessons/...
    A Different World!

    There where a few parts when they had girls with problems:

    Abuse from Boyfriends
    In love with best friends boyfriend

    Boy Problems:

    Teacher Work
    Will I eva get Kim to love me??/
    I did not cheat on you wit her!

    The show always made me laugh and it was a good fix!
    i think it still comes on Oxygen Tv.
    So if u don't like it let me know that way I can truly UNDERSTAND WHY!!!!!
    Watch the show and love it... you don't have a choice!
    P.S. I Hope you like the Show!
  • So this is what college life is like at an all black college?

    This show is a favorite of mine from the 1990's. It was a great way to show how life in an all black college was.
    I loved it even more when Denise (Lisa Bonet) left the show. It was well written and it didn't get too political until it's last season. When it started to get preachy I left it.
    This did wonders for people to see how dorm life was and how you can interact with people and it also touched on social issues. I liked the fact that they had the unbelivable pairings which made it even more awesome. I really wish it hadn't ended, but all good things must come to an end.
  • It was a little cheesy and not quite as good as the cosby show, but it was worth watching.

    I did like this show, and even watched it later on in re-runs. It was better later because I was older and appreciated it a litle more. This show was kind of cheesy, but not Saved by the Bell cheesy. It was entertaining for the half hour it was on. The end of the show when they kept adding characters it wasnt as smooth as it was on the Cosby show, and that might have hurt the show a little. They had to add people because it was college and people did have to graduate. They seemed to struggle with writing at times, but overall it was a pretty good show.
  • A Different World: College Truly Is

    A Different World was an American television sitcom. It dealt with the life of students at Hillman College, a fictional historically Black college in Virginia, and ran for six seasons on NBC. A spin-off series from The Cosby Show, it was originally centered around Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet). Later seasons focused on Dwayne Wayne (Kadeem Hardison) and Whitley Gilbert (Jasmine Guy). While it was a spin-off from the Cosby Show, A Different World addressed issues that the largely apolitical Cosby Show avoided, such as race and class relations, and the Equal Rights Amendment. The success and popularity of A Different World is often said to be largely responsible for the increased enrollment at historically Black colleges and universities during the late 1980s and early 1990s.
  • Originally I dismissed this as a knockoff of the Cosby show, but I was so wrong.

    See I thought this show would be just another Cosby Show, but it was so much more, not only did it hold it's own when Denise left, but it continued to thrive for 5 more seasons. With a diverse cast of colorful and witty characters the show was all it's own from the dorky Dwayne Wayne to the nutty Whitley Gilbert there was someone in there for everyone. The storylines were solid and believeable and the acting was definitely something to be proud of. I love watching this show, it never fails to make me laugh. It really is a great show.
  • A Different World is a show about a fictional historically black college, Hillman, and the life of college students. It focuses on some of the important issues of life while still being extremely funny. This show is exceptional!

    A Different World is indeed one of the greatest shows of all time. Not only was it hilarious, but this show was virtually real and the stories were deep. Each of the cast members had a different personality which made the show all the better. This show had a span from 1987-1993 with 144 episodes. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves to laugh but at the same time be moved by an important subject. A Different World is an excellent show! This show is an old memory and will forever be in my heart! Thank you !
  • A Different World overall isn't that bad of a show!

    Although not one of my personal favorites, I believe that A Different World is a pretty good show. The characters are unique and the sory lines are not the same typical every show plot. I do think that this show was successful. I know I enjoy watching it every night on Nick At Night! In a way, though, I am glad that Lisa Bonet left the show because I wasn't fond of her character. My favorite charcter is probably Freddie because of her unique voice. Whitley is also a good character, but in the later episodes, I think she becomes a little bossy and moody. Dwayne is always funny and I have come to love Kim's character because she is kind and down-to-Earth. So yea, I think this show is decent. I encourage anyone who hasn't seen it before to watch just one episode on Nick At Night. Also, it kind of prepared me for college!
  • I only discovered this show months ago, but it's a great program! If I had known about this show sooner, I definitely would have tuned in or bought the DVD's.

    Looking for people you can relate to? Looking for people who may have similar lives as you? Well, look no further; A Different World is here! This is definitely one of the better college programs that I've seen.

    This is a spin-off of The Cosby Show, and Denise Huxtable was one of the main characters during the run of the first season. She left the show after that, and I thought the whole show was going to fall apart right there, since most shows do when a character leaves. But luckily, they were able to bring in new characters for the later seasons, and they too, were great! I was amazed at how much I could relate to some of them. My favorite character was Dwayne Wayne, since I'm a lot like him when it comes to getting good grades in school. And yet, he still manages to have a good time with all of his best friends.

    So overall, I would rate this program 8/10. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd recommend that you watch Season 1 first (that's what I did, and it definitely made the show more interesting for me).
  • Lame in one word!

    Ok now to start this lets just say if you have seen The Cosby Show then you have basically seen everything from A Different World. To help you out the producers decided to revisit the well again so if you missed A Different World and The Cosby Show go ahead and watch Cosby and you will see the same exact storylines again. Just different character additions in different locations, now that should have been the name of the show but hey where would we all be if Growing Pains in its waining years hadn't picked up Leo what would we all have done instead of watching Titanic??
  • Classic show.

    This summer (2006), I would have never guessed that my favorite show would be on Nick at Nite, and that it would be a rerun of all 6 seasons of a classic show I had never given a chance before: "A Different World." This spin-off of The Cosby Show is superb, at times I feel like I am watching a show that could have not been made so many years ago, as it seems to deal with issues so much more realistically than some of today's selections. Although the show's first season is cute and funny, it is not until the show decides to completely devote itself to Whitley and Dwayne and serious issues, that it takes off as a great classic. I always thought that Ross and Rachel were the king and queen of the will-they-won't-they dance, but obviously, Whitley and Dwayne had already mastered it years before. Never had I seen a character so clearly evolve and yet stay true to itself as with Whitley Gilbert. Don't miss a chance to catch this show on Nickelodeon or DVDs, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • I Love A Different World! It Is Awesome. I love all the episodes but my favorites are when Whitley and Dwayne are together.

    A Different World is so much fun to watch. I get so into it. I feel like I am a part of the show. I started watching it because I loved The Cosby Show and wanted to see what it was like when Denise went to college. The first two seasons I didn't really like Whitley. As the show went on into season 3 I started liking Whitley alot. When Denise and Maggie left the show I really wanted to know why they left. But then i got so into the show that i hardly remembered that this used to be starring Denise. I started liking Dwayne, Whitley, Julissa, Walter, Ron, Col. Taylor, Kim, Freddie, and Mr. Gaines. It was cool when Mrs. Huxtable, Vanessa and Kara came to Hillman. It was also cool when Lance and Charmaine enrolled in Hillman. I just really can get into this show.
  • This show will always be a classic. It had some amazing actors and actress. It was a funny show!

    One of a classic. It had a Acmedy Award Winner Marrisa Tomei. I thought it was as great as The Cosby Show. I thought teh characters where always funny, and could make you laugh alot. Denise was a great character, and i wish she would had never left the show, but she married a guy, and helped raised his child. Thsi show can be seen on Nickledon. I love this show and I think it is a classic show. Make sure you watch this great, funny, show, you will laugh so hard your head will come off. Kidding! Watch this show!
  • Continues to be a favorite!

    After watching many of the reruns, I now remember why I loved this show. From it's portrayal of the Historically Black College, to it's portrayal of college life, it was absolutely dead on. It did an awesome job of showing how people grow up from an immature teen to a responsible adult. I love every minute of this show!!
  • Great television

    Except for Dwayne's flip glasses, I can find anything wrong with this show. Although it was a spinoff, via Denise Huxtable, of the Cosby Show-it truly was different than its predecessor; yet at the same time a completely accurate portrayal of college life on campus, especially in a historically black college. There was a reason this show was constantly rated in the Top 10 week, and no, it wasn't only because of the great tie-in and the MUST see label. A lot of other shows have been given the same billing and had a lot less success. This show captured the attention of all people regardless of race or age because it was universally appealing.

    I have watched every single episode of this show at least three times and i have to say I love every min. of it.
    I mean this show has everyting a show needs to be absolutly perfect! You can wathch this one thirty min. show and laugh, cry , and sometimes learn something. It is intesting how most of the shows on tv now a days can get very tireing and boreing. However when I watch A Different World it just never gets old, and I have say that the element of never getting old is the best part about watching an old favorite.
  • I love this show!

    This show is a classic, period! This show gave an inside look at a balck college and it personally inspired me to go to college in search of having an experience like Whitley and Dwayne. This show seemed to be the ground breaker for comedy yet tasteful, without being too bubblegum like the Cosby Show. Don't get me wrong the Cosby show is great too, but A Different World brought something new to the table and it's appreciated for that. I think that it inspired plenty of people of color to go to college because it was the first portrayal of minorities getting a higher education and having fun too. I love this show.
  • This Show Should Be Better Than The Cosby Show, But It Isn't... It's Just As Bad:

    ...which is kinda funny, because the title says "A Different World", but it is the same as "The Cosby Show" ( and NOT Cosby, which is a different show, so please stop calling The Cosby Show "COSBY". And COSBY is much better than The Cosby Show..

    Too bad that Lisa Bonet didn't star in many shows or anything... Because it's disapointing that The Cosby Show is the only thing she starred in.... and this show is about the college she goes to.... so why does she leave after the 1st season.... and without bothering to guest star?!

    She has to leave, so they really mess up her character by marrying a Navy officer and he is never home, and usually leaves the country, and takes his family with him. No wonder his first wife decided to divorce him and go to college. But they made it all look like her fault, when it actually is his fault.

    There is no more Denise in the 1st season, and so far I have not seen her in the show after that. But maybe The Huxtables will stop guest starring if Denise isn't there.

    And this is another show where not one character stars in every episode for the entire show. And what is with that guy?! There is this annoying guy with these stupid glasses and these stupid hinged sunglasses or whatever, and he allways has this dorky expression, and he gets on anybody's nerves. He is exactly like Will Smith. Don't they ever tell this kid to shut up?!
  • A wonderful & wacky bunch of girls and guys trying to get through college together.

    What started out as a spin-off show of The Cosby Show for actress Lisa Bonet - ended up being the Whitley & Dwayne show. Not that I'm complaining. I loved this couple. The geeky, lower class boy and the upper class snob - a definate case of opposites attract that worked really well. I love the ending of season 5 where Dwayne interupts the wedding, reminding me of "The Graduate", and I was cheering for them so loudly that my mom came into the room and told me to be quiet. This is still one of those shows that when I see that episodes are playing on tv, I will tape them to watch later (because of course they are on either really early in the morning or late at night or during the day when I am at work. One day I will have all the seasons on DVD, until then, long live the reruns.
  • A Different World: "Classic" understates the impact of this show. This show illuminated a path of possibilities for Black youth and college students that was hidden in the dark shadows of the mainstream media's presentation of Black America.

    To call this masterpiece of artistic expression "classic" is a slight understatement. Understanding the significance of the "classic" classification, I feel comfortable labling it as such, but the word still doesn't reach the core of what this show means to me.

    Now, I'm no fanatic, although I would have deemed myself one a little less than two years ago, but this show does something to me on a psychological level. It calms me. To hear the melodic harmonica swimming through the sound waves of the first two(or was it three) seasons, and then the explosion of Aretha Franklin's voice, and then to finish it off with Boy II Men in the last seasons, settles my spirit.

    Strangely, it never goes away. Everytime I watch the show, I feel this. Maybe it has something to do with the beauty of the period. Maybe life was simpler then. Maybe then, for a young black man intellectually deteriorating in an inept, inner-city public school system, this show was a light, illuminating new paths to success.

    A Different World, or "The World" as I call it, changed the social norm, not only for African-American students, but African-American, male students in particular. Black males saw Dwayne Wayne wearing the fancy Michael Jordan shoes (although the rest of his ambiance left much to be desired) contrasting the nerdy flip up glasses, and found it to be an exceptable balance. "Hey! we can be smart and cool simultaneously!" we thought to ourselves. Finally we saw a balance of intellect and individuality.

    Dwayne was no nerd-- he wore Jordans, and he chased women like Rotweillers after ten-speed spokes. Dwayne didn't have to sell drugs to get those nice clothes either. Somehow the connection was subconciously made that possitive performance produced possitive results.

    Dwayne Wayne, Whitley Gilbert, Ron, Kimberly Reese, Walter, Mr.Gaines (the best actor on the show) Jalesa (the worst), Col. Taylor and Freddy (not to slight the new group), were not just characters- they were artistic pioneers. Through these characters, a new movement of intellectualism and self-pride (in no matter who you were) was established.

    No wonder it's taken so long to be released.
  • The students of Hillman College confront the ups and downs, hurts and adventures of that strangest of places: real life.

    This show began as an offshoot of 'The Cosby Show,' when Denise Huxtable left the nest and went to her parents' alma mater, Hillman College. Much to its credit, it was not content to remain as 'Cosby II,' but branched out with clever writing, characters you could really get to know, and stories that felt more like your normal day-to-day existence than anything else. It was that good.

    The worldly-wise Jaleesa, manic Maggie, snobby socialite Whitley, bright but raffish Dwayne, and talented but ungraduatable Ron, among others, were watched over by hall ward Walter Oakes and no-nonsense instructor Col. Taylor. The writing was consistently intelligent and funny. The many storylines included tales of trying to fit in, earn passing grades and learn the best and worst about the road ahead--and each other.

    Always a joy to watch.
  • It is a fave of mine and will always be a favorite of mine.

    It is a fave of mine and will always be a favorite of mine.It shows you that you can over come obsticals will a little help from your friends.I love how it takes place in a colledge.And how the kids are trying to make something of themselves without parents to help.
  • The best look at College life to date! This show still makes me wish my college was like Hillman. The characters were very realistic and easy to relate to.

    For a show that started as a spin off of Denise Huxtable’s character, it was really able to hold its own. This show was not only a great look at a predominantly African American college, but a great look at college life in general. The premise of all the characters spanned racial barriers. Anyone attending college could relate to all of the main characters. In every group there is a “princess”, a “nerd”, a “tree hugger”, a “musician”, a “study-aholic” and the “older friend.” Whitley, Dwayne, Freddy, Ron, Kim and Jaleesa fit these classifications that everyone knows. This show was not just a college comedy, it taught life lessons. One of the biggest lessons it taught was about the aids epidemic. A few episodes have to be fought for in order for the writers of the show to bring the truth about AIDS into American Homes. A Different World was ground breaking in the sense that it wasn’t afraid to cover topics that you don’t normally talk about at the dinner table. It really opened the eyes of college students and forced them to focus on issues like Rape, Sexism, Racism, Alcohol and other issues that pertain to college students. An ultimately successful series in the long run. Watch the reruns on the Oxygen Channel.

  • Originally a spinoff of the cosby show in 1987 where denise huxtable was going to study at the fictional hillman college where her parents claire and cliff attended.

    A pretty good show that lasted 6 seasons on nbc from 1987 to 1993,it starred lisa bonet(first season)jasmine guy,dawnn lewis,kardeem hardison to name a few.It ran on nbc on mondays right after the cosby show.It was a pretty funny show and I liked it alot.A bit under appreciated,still great reruns.
  • This show was the show. It absolutley fabolous!

    I think show was a very good one. It's theme song was the best. It had Aretha Franklin and Boyz II Men on it. Plus it was a spin -off from one of the best show of television, The Cosby Show. I think they should show the re-runs more. I would most definitley watch it!
  • A Different World is a great show with an awesome cast. It allows us into the lives of students at Hillman College in the late 1980's early 1990's. This show examines many of the steroeotypes and issues of the time. Great all-around show!

    I remember watching this show when I was just a kid and didn't fully grasp its place in television history until I was an adult. A Different World is a spin-off of the Cosby show and the first season focused on Denise, one of the Cosby kids, and her school mates at Hillman College. A variety of social issues were the plot focus, including interracial dating and racial stereotypes.

    Check this show out, not for the great acting, not for the Cosby connection, but because its smart, witty and funny.