A Different World

NBC (ended 1993)





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  • The students of Hillman College confront the ups and downs, hurts and adventures of that strangest of places: real life.

    This show began as an offshoot of 'The Cosby Show,' when Denise Huxtable left the nest and went to her parents' alma mater, Hillman College. Much to its credit, it was not content to remain as 'Cosby II,' but branched out with clever writing, characters you could really get to know, and stories that felt more like your normal day-to-day existence than anything else. It was that good.

    The worldly-wise Jaleesa, manic Maggie, snobby socialite Whitley, bright but raffish Dwayne, and talented but ungraduatable Ron, among others, were watched over by hall ward Walter Oakes and no-nonsense instructor Col. Taylor. The writing was consistently intelligent and funny. The many storylines included tales of trying to fit in, earn passing grades and learn the best and worst about the road ahead--and each other.

    Always a joy to watch.