A Different World

NBC (ended 1993)





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  • I Love A Different World! It Is Awesome. I love all the episodes but my favorites are when Whitley and Dwayne are together.

    A Different World is so much fun to watch. I get so into it. I feel like I am a part of the show. I started watching it because I loved The Cosby Show and wanted to see what it was like when Denise went to college. The first two seasons I didn't really like Whitley. As the show went on into season 3 I started liking Whitley alot. When Denise and Maggie left the show I really wanted to know why they left. But then i got so into the show that i hardly remembered that this used to be starring Denise. I started liking Dwayne, Whitley, Julissa, Walter, Ron, Col. Taylor, Kim, Freddie, and Mr. Gaines. It was cool when Mrs. Huxtable, Vanessa and Kara came to Hillman. It was also cool when Lance and Charmaine enrolled in Hillman. I just really can get into this show.