A Different World

NBC (ended 1993)





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  • Classic show.

    This summer (2006), I would have never guessed that my favorite show would be on Nick at Nite, and that it would be a rerun of all 6 seasons of a classic show I had never given a chance before: "A Different World." This spin-off of The Cosby Show is superb, at times I feel like I am watching a show that could have not been made so many years ago, as it seems to deal with issues so much more realistically than some of today's selections. Although the show's first season is cute and funny, it is not until the show decides to completely devote itself to Whitley and Dwayne and serious issues, that it takes off as a great classic. I always thought that Ross and Rachel were the king and queen of the will-they-won't-they dance, but obviously, Whitley and Dwayne had already mastered it years before. Never had I seen a character so clearly evolve and yet stay true to itself as with Whitley Gilbert. Don't miss a chance to catch this show on Nickelodeon or DVDs, you'll be pleasantly surprised.