A Different World

NBC (ended 1993)





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  • A Different World overall isn't that bad of a show!

    Although not one of my personal favorites, I believe that A Different World is a pretty good show. The characters are unique and the sory lines are not the same typical every show plot. I do think that this show was successful. I know I enjoy watching it every night on Nick At Night! In a way, though, I am glad that Lisa Bonet left the show because I wasn't fond of her character. My favorite charcter is probably Freddie because of her unique voice. Whitley is also a good character, but in the later episodes, I think she becomes a little bossy and moody. Dwayne is always funny and I have come to love Kim's character because she is kind and down-to-Earth. So yea, I think this show is decent. I encourage anyone who hasn't seen it before to watch just one episode on Nick At Night. Also, it kind of prepared me for college!