A Different World - Season 5

NBC (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Save the Best for Last (2)
    As she awakens on her wedding day, Whitley is so flustered by her conversation with Dwayne that she can barely remember where she is or the name of her future husband. Her mother chastises her for talking about Dwayne and emphasizes that Byron will give her a much better life. Dwayne decides that he cannot bring himself to attend the wedding. Whitley becomes extremely nervous as she awaits the beginning of the ceremony. Kim starts to give her some advice, but thinks better of it. Dwayne shows up in the middle of the ceremony, and Ron tries to convince him to break up the wedding. During her wedding vows, Whitley freezes up as she sees Dwayne's face everywhere. When she refuses to respond for over a minute, Dwayne realizes that she is far from certain about marrying Byron. He suddenly jumps up and charges down the aisle, pleading with her to marry him. Whitley accepts Dwayne's proposal and runs into his arms. Byron and his family are disgusted, but leave peacefully. The minister marries Dwayne and Whitley. Marion faints. Dwayne carries Whitley down the aisle, with their ecstatic friends bounding after them.moreless
  • Save the Best for Last (1)
    The day before her wedding, Whitley frets about details until Byron is able to bring her back to reality. Kim volunteers to return to campus and retrieve a special pair of earrings that Whitley had left behind. She pays Ron a visit, and frets over the realization that the wedding is probably going to take place. Ron suggests that she intervene, but Kim is hesitant. Ron surprises Kim by giving her a stethoscope, and they share a kiss. The girls enjoy a wild bachelorette party, while a depressed Dwayne walks out on Byron's bachelor party. Late that night, Kim suggests that Whitley may not be completely over Dwayne. Whitley angrily denies this. Dwayne shows up on Whitley's doorstep and asks for the chance to talk with her. They take a walk in the garden, and Dwayne apologizes for the mistakes he has made. She concedes that she placed too much pressure on him, but Dwayne insists that he simply wasn't strong enough for a commitment at the time. He recalls a time when he was a geeky freshman who couldn't get a date, and marvels at the fact that he wound up with Whitley. She thanks him for believing in her and helping her to become her own person. They tell each other, "You taught me how to love." Dwayne wonders how two people who meant so much to each other could have broken up; but stops Whitley from answering. He picks a flower for her and says, "I always knew you'd make a beautiful bride." He hops out of the garden and drives away, leaving Whitley in tears and completely confused.moreless
  • Special Delivery
    Episode 23
    In the final days before the election, the incumbent accuses Byron of fooling around with a stripper. He refuses to respond to the allegations, and challenges Sen. Hutchinson to a debate. Whitley and Ron talk to the stripper, who insists that she was in a hotel room with Byron. Byron is angry with Whitley for prying; he explains that his staff hired a birthday strip-o-gram for him. After Byron easily wins the debate, Sen. Hutchinson tries to start a scandal involving Whitley. Byron refuses to expose the senator's affair with his campaign manager, and tells Whitley that they can win honorably. Byron wins the election and asks Whitley to marry him. She eventually says yes, leaving Dwayne crestfallen. Jaleesa goes into labor and cannot get a hold of her husband. After Kim faints, Freddie and Ron have to handle the situation until the ambulance arrives. Jaleesa gives birth to a baby girl at home, and Freddie captures it on video.moreless
  • Love Taps
    Episode 22
    Ron is hired to promote Dion's (a.k.a. I'm Down) concert. Freddie thinks that Gina is in an abusive relationship.
  • Do the Write Thing
    Episode 21
    Lena struggles to keep her grades high enough to maintain her engineering scholarship. Whitley wants to understand the issues of Byron's campaign in order to help him win.
  • Sellmates
    Episode 20
    Ron struggles with his new job at a car dealership. A female con artist gets him fired. She apologizes, and they hatch a scheme to get the boss to let them develop an ad campaign. Although things do not quite go as planned, Ron proposes a business partnership. Kim worries that she will not get into medical school after her least-desired choice rejects her. However, she soon has several offers to weigh--including one from Hillman.moreless
  • Conflict of Interest (2)
    Whitley explains to Byron that she is not in love with Dwayne and they agree to begin dating. Ron promises to prove to Kim that he is no longer a ladies man.
  • Kiss You Back (1)
    Kiss You Back (1)
    Episode 18
    Whitley is upset that Dwayne isn't jealous of her relationship with Byron and when Kim suggests that Whitley speak with Dwayne, she invites him over.
  • 2/13/92
    Whitley asks for donations for a campus fundraiser from various business owners and meets Byron Douglas III, who is impressed with her and asks her to join his campaign for state senate.
  • Bedroom at the Top
    Episode 16
    Whitley is harassed at work by one of her superior's. Terrence decides to major in dance.
  • Prisoner of Love
    Episode 15
    Freddie's prison pen pal Jamal is released from jail and needs a job, so Ron turns over his duties as a janitor, where he meets Whitley and asks her out on a date.
  • Cats in the Cradle
    Cats in the Cradle
    Episode 14
    Dwayne is jealous of Whitley's new boyfriend, so Ron takes him to the big game between Hillman and Virginia A&M to takes his mind off his troubles.
  • 1/2/92
    Dwayne grows tired of covering the bills for Ron and throws him out. Freddie becomes more obsessed with Shazza.
  • 12/19/91
    Col. Taylor asks Dwayne to join them for Christmas dinner not realizing that Jaleesa invited Whitley.
  • Mammy Dearest
    Episode 11
    Whitley organizes an art exhibit for the dorm dedication ceremony. Kim has objections to images that Whitley wants to include.
  • Do You Take This Woman? (2)
    Whitley is still reeling after she learns that Dwayne went on a date. Adele and Marion dislike each other immediately causing more tension between Dwayne and Whitley.
  • To Tell the Truth (1)
    Whitley is nervous about the engagement party and takes it out on Dwayne, who uses the opportunity to explore other options.
  • Liza Who-Little
    Episode 8
    Whitley's aunt offers her a job as an art buyer, but first she must entertain her cousin Liza for a weekend visit to Hillman.
  • Baby, I'm a Star
    Episode 7
    Ron's band hires Kim to be their vocalist after they are fired from a club, hoping to bring a new sound to the group. Col. Taylor takes up dancing to impress Jaleesa.
  • Rule Number One
    Episode 6
    Whitley discovers Lena has a crush on Dwayne after he agrees to tutor her in calculus. Realizing Lena is homesick Whitley agrees to be her confidante.
  • 10/17/91
    The Pit becomes a place of refuge when a hurricane approaches Hillman. Ron tries to convince Freddie to play a demo tape of his band on her radio show.
  • 10/10/91
    Whitley recommends Jaleesa's temp agency to E.H. Wright and the only person available is Freddie, which causes a problem when Freddie disagrees with her new boss on affirmative action.
  • 10/3/91
    Whitley tries to assign her dorm duties to Kim, the resident assistant. Lena faces trouble with the dean when she starts a fire in the dorm.
  • The Dwayne Mutiny
    Episode 2
    Dwayne's high standards for his class, leads to a student walk-out. Jaleesa starts a temp agency and her first assignment is to find Freddie a job.
  • 9/19/91
    Dwayne begins teaching classes as Whitley takes a job as a director of a new dorm, encountering her first problem with a freshman seeking a place to stay.
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