A Different World

Season 2 Episode 5

Three Girls Three

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1988 on NBC

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  • Jaleesa and Whitley fight it out with each other and a rival singer as they try out for places in Gladys Knight's backing group.

    Gladys Knight is coming to Hillman, and she's going to let in some new backup vocalists for the occasion, courtesy of the student body. Everyone is in a rush to compete--including Jaleesa and Whitley, who have plenty to argue about on any given day.

    Turns out both of the students are talented, so which one of them will win one of the coveted spots? Can they even bury the hatchet enough to go on stage as a duo?

    That dilemma is pushed aside by the arrival of an even greater threat: a student with an operatic vocal range. Literally. Whitley and Jaleesa alternately scoff at and envy her; when it comes time for an actual meeting with Gladys Knight, that same envy comes back to bite the duo on the heels.

    Could it have ended for the better?

    In their dreams, maybe...

    A clever episode that shows how bitterness doesn't pay. Ends with a great musical number. And a little poetic justice.