A Different World

Season 4 Episode 25

To Be Continued

Aired Unknown May 02, 1991 on NBC

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  • Dwayne's hopes, Whitley's dreams and Ron's hide may be in danger after the upheaval of graduation.

    Dwayne prepares for his valedictorian speech. Ron is getting ready to pull off a much less honorable activity: marching in the graduation ceremony even though he skipped a history course and didn't complete his degree. Now he must conceal the fraud while his proud father takes him out on the town to celebrate.

    Meanwhile, Whitley mulls over a job offer that will take her to New York, away from home and Dwayne. The relationship may not have much of a future if he can only see her on the weekends. Dwayne has his own job to worry about-- he faces a full schedule as a starting professor. He takes Whitley to the airport, but blurts out a question he hopes will change her mind.

    A funny and poignant episode about deciding how to face your future. An eventful cap to the season.
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