A Different World

Season 6 Episode 17

When One Door Closes... (1)

Aired Unknown May 08, 1993 on NBC

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  • Finally we see the result of the student's four years at Hillman. They've grown and matured. The geeky Dwayne and snotty Whitley have matured into a family that cares about others and are about to face the future together.

    This is what viewers have been waiting for since the beginning of the series. Kim and Freddie have begun to prepare for life after Hillman and Whitley and Dwayne are moving to Japan. Plus they have a baby on the way!!! The way Whitley finds out that she is pregnant is hilarious. After she refuses to believe the first test, she makes Kim go and buy more tests. After all of them come up positive, Whitley is still in denial. "Whitley, they all say the same thing. Momma, Momma, Momma, Momma, Momma!!!" I roll every time I see this. Then, as Kim is going to throw out the tests before Dwayne sees them, Whitley hands her the whole trash can and Dwayne chides her for making Kim take out their trash. "She likes it," Whitley responds. Then comes Whitley's ingenious way of telling Dwayne. They are "playing" Dwayne's new baseball video game, Grammar Boy. He needs a noun; she says "I." Now for a verb: "am." Then the word that will change his life: "pregnant"!!!! Yes, my friends, our college kids have grown up, and, this, one of the last episodes is one of the best examples of that.
  • This is a very special episode indeed.

    This episode was one of the best episodes of the show. Whitley finds out that she is pregnant, Dwayne lands a job with Kinishiwa, and Kim finally accepts Spencer Boyer's marriage proposal. This episode is very moving and the second part is too, because we later learn that in order for Dwane to get the job, Whitley and him will have to move to Tokyo, Japan. That is the only part that is really sad because you don't want to see them leave the show. Anyway, this episode is excellent and i give it a two thumbs up! Thank you!