A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery

BBC Two (ended 1987)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Gaudy Night, Part 3
    • Gaudy Night, Part 2
    • Gaudy Night, Part 1
      Wimsey is travelling on the continent, and Harriet returns to Shrewsbury College, Oxford, for a Gaudy, or a reunion of graduates. There, she finds poison pen letters are flying. A few weeks later, the Dean of Shrewsbury asks Harriet to investigate ongoing problems, including more vicious letters and vandalism in the college library. At Oxford, Harriet meets Saint-George Wimsey, Peter's nephew, another undergraduate develops a crush on her, and a third tries to commit suicide. Making little progress, she asks Peter to come home to help her with the mysteries she faces. In Oxford, his long courtship approaches its conclusion…moreless
    • Have His Carcase, Part 4

      An link between the murdered man and the Russian Royal Family leads to Lord Peter identifying the murderer.

    • Have His Carcase, Part 3

      Once they discover the true identity of Havilland Martin, the man Harriet met shortly after finding the body, Lord Peter and Harriet try to poke holes in his rather perfect alibi. Meanwhile a coroner's inquest in the death of Alexis leads to a verdict that Mrs Weldon cannot accept.

    • Strong Poison
    • Have His Carcase, Part 2

      Lord Peter and Harriet visit the scene of the crime and discover some evidence that there may have been witnesses to the death of Alexis. Or were these people the murderers? Meanwhile Bunter looks into the history of the unique razor that killed the bearded man. At the hotel Lord Peter and Harriet meet the only man who seems to be happy that Alexis is out of the picture.

    • Gaudy Night
    • Have His Carcase, Part 1
      Harriet Vane, staying by the sea to work on her latest book, finds the body of a man on the beach, with his throat cut - blood is still flowing from him, and a razor is lying nearby. With the tide coming in, Harriet gathers evidence and takes it to the police. Wimsey reads the story in the papers and comes quickly - to help with the mystery and also to pursue Harriet. The dead man was a Russian refugee, working as a ballroom dancing partner, who had just become engaged to a rich Englishwoman, and the local police decide he killed himself. Harriet believes he was murdered and sets out with Wimsey to prove it. They have to crack a coded message to find the killer.moreless
    • Episode 4
    • Strong Poison, Part 3

      Lord Peter's assistant Miss Climpson finds an ingenious way to get a look at the will of Miss Wrayburn, while Miss Murchison comes across some mysterious white powder in her current employer's safe. Lord Peter puts everything together and confronts the main suspect.

    • Episode 3
    • Strong Poison, Part 2

      Though some evidence shows up that might prove the death of Peter Boyes was suicide rather than murder, Lord Peter directs his attention to the vicitim's cousin, Norman Urquhart, as a possible murderer. He puts a spy in Urquhart's office to look for a possible motive. Meanwhile, he notices that the imprisoned Harriet Vane is giving up hope, which makes him feel quite frustrated.

    • Episode 2
    • Strong Poison, Part 1
      Harriet Vane, a crime writer, is charged with poisoning Philip Boyes, her former lover, with arsenic. The evidence against her seems overwhelming, but it is all circumstantial. The jury is divided and a new trial is ordered, to begin in four weeks' time. Wimsey visits Harriet, finds himself falling in love with her, and sets out to clear her name. If Harriet Vane is not the killer, who is, and how was the poison administered? Wimsey quickly decides that Harriet has been framed by a fiendishly clever murderer - who has to be outwitted.moreless
    • Episode 1
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