A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery

BBC Two (ended 1987)





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  • A follow-up of sorts to the "Lord Peter Wimsey" series of the early 1970s; these adventures chronicle Lord Peter's burgeoning infatuation with mystery writer Harriet Vane, who was eventually to become his wife.

    The later adventures of Lord Peter Wimsey show us a different fellow from the debonair, faultlessly polite sleuth whom Ian Carmichael portrayed so effectively between twelve and fifteen years earlier. Edward Petherbridge, faced with the unenviable task of following this acclaimed and popular performance, instead shows us a lovelorn romantic, determined to make Harriet Vane (whom he saves from the hangman's rope) love him as he loves her. But Harriet, clever and vulnerable, has been bruised in love before - that's how she ended up in the dock, accused of murder - and is wary of committing herself even to the man who's saved her life. This gave things an interesting new slant, and Harriet Walter had charisma to spare as her aloof namesake. But the actual plots weren't very interesting and the more serious tone tended to point up their defects.