A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery

Season 1 Episode 2

Strong Poison, Part 2

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Apr 01, 1987 on BBC Two

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  • The middle

    Reviewing the second episode of a series of three is very much like judging the middle act of a three-act play. It's the part of the story into which a lot of information is crammed, but without a satisfying resolution. A lot happens in this episode, plenty of characters show up for one or two scenes. The producer and directer clearly enjoyed themselves bringing the Bohemian London of the twenties to life when Lord Peter goes to visit the victim's unusual friends. Michael Robbins (Arthur from on The Buses) appears as a former criminal who now preaches the good book. He does find the time to teach Lord Peter's assistant Miss Murchison how to pick a lock. Wonderful scene.

    What is missing in all of this is ... Harriet Vane. She only gets a few short scenes in prison. (If you close your eyes a bit, you hear and see Kiera Her relationship with Lord Peter is the very reason for this show, and yet - because of her imprisonment - we are deprived of the witty banter abd emerging love affair.

    Finally, what kind of temp agency does Lord Peter Wimsey run? Miss Murchison, whom he sends out to work for Urquhart's law firm, can only type with two fingers? Some secretary!