A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery

Season 1 Episode 2

Strong Poison, Part 2

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Apr 01, 1987 on BBC Two



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    • Lord Peter: Don't be so damned discouraging. Anyone would think you had no confidence in me.
      Harriet Vane: Peter, people have been wrongly condemned before now.
      Lord Peter: Only because I wasn't there.
      Harriet Vane: Oh, I never thought of that.

    • Freddy Arbuthnot: I've been sleuthing like stink on the track of your man.

    • Lord Peter: I don't think you have the faintest idea how to pick a lock, Miss Murchison?
      Miss Murchison: I am afraid not. No idea, whatsoever.
      Lord Peter: I sometimes wonder what we went to school for.

    • Bill Rumm: There ain't a deed box in the whole of this here city what I couldn't open blindfolded, in boxing gloves, with a stick of boiled macaroni.

    • Harriet Vane: If anyone does marry you, Peter, it will be for the pleasure of hearing you talk piffle.

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