A Double Shot at Love

MTV - Music Television (ended 2009)


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  • A temporary guilty pleasure, I'm certainly not proud of that, but it's exactly what you'd expect

    This show was airing at 3:30am on Sunday mornings, so when I inadvertently left the TV on one night after SNL, I discovered this – A Double Shot at Love with the Ikki Twins (the bisexual girls being named Rikki and Vikki respectively).
    I'd seen a little of the Tila Tequila version, so I knew what to expect. My first defense is that yes, I'm a twenty-something male, and the twins spend an exorbitant amount of time in skintight dresses or clothing that otherwise leaves so little to the imagination – easy reason to watch. Anybody who knows me, however, would instantly call the hypocrite card, because I believe that fundamentally, all reality television is a complete waste of time, for everyone involved – audience, cast, crew, producers. It's just not worth it. It's money that didn't have to be spent.
    But I watched. I watched this show through to the end. I like to think that the reason I did is because deep down, we all have this somewhat morbid fascination with the emotional trauma of others, the 'schadenfreude' sensation of needing to see someone else emotionally devastated to be able to take comfort in one's own emotional state. And you do. You want to watch the elimination to see if somebody cries, to see if somebody snaps, and it's because the reality approach completely trivializes the relationship concept. You can't spend one day with someone before deciding "I don't love you, that's final." How you feel about someone is a relationship you have to craft over time, and a lot of time is needed. Not to mention competitive projects aren't a measure of love. They're a measure of your ability to compete at camp gaming. Watching the contestants who've supposedly poured their hearts out to the girls get eliminated with a simple flippant catch-phrase makes you feel better about the two hour talk that ended your last relationship. I definitely felt the end of the show could have gone differently. But I also think that if the twins weren't such primp-and-polish California girls, if could have quite realistically been a flawless happy-ever-after. What I also know about reality TV is that you rarely see it released on DVD, so I think you're pretty much stuck to watching this on its parent network MTV, or just downloading it. Even then, you'll watch it but you won't keep it.
  • It's about the Ikkie Twins finding love the way Tila Tequila did, and yet here we are different people on someone else s show w/e. Not worth my time, but it seems OKAY.

    This doesn't compare to the orginal girl Tila
    ,but it's got enough drama so it may be okay
    Still I don't think anyone can match the amazing Tila version
    Love Tila

    Um I do hope the twins find love though
    But I personally don't think a showmance ever works

    My advise to anyone is not to watch this so because its
    A) not Tila
    B) Sucky Twins
    C) To much drama for someones life
    D) And mostly that these girls are taken someone elses show~So lame

    I would give it a 2 stars out of 5 stars review
    or in my case smiley faces
    NO MORE TWINS~Bring back the Tila Tequila ♥
  • Show is about tw hot bisexual girls tryin to find love.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! It's my personal favorite. The Ikki twins are two beautiful, smart ladies and that is reason enough just to watch. But, the show is also very entertaining because of all the drama that happens in the house. Many shockers are revealed, like in the first episode one girl admitted to being straight! In the second episode, another girl admitted to having a son...which the twins had no problem with. Its on every tuesday night, and I recommend that you check this show out! Its my guilty pleasure, and I wont miss an episode. Two hot twins, a drama filled house, what can be better?
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