A Double Shot at Love

MTV - Music Television (ended 2009)


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  • It's about the Ikkie Twins finding love the way Tila Tequila did, and yet here we are different people on someone else s show w/e. Not worth my time, but it seems OKAY.

    This doesn't compare to the orginal girl Tila
    ,but it's got enough drama so it may be okay
    Still I don't think anyone can match the amazing Tila version
    Love Tila

    Um I do hope the twins find love though
    But I personally don't think a showmance ever works

    My advise to anyone is not to watch this so because its
    A) not Tila
    B) Sucky Twins
    C) To much drama for someones life
    D) And mostly that these girls are taken someone elses show~So lame

    I would give it a 2 stars out of 5 stars review
    or in my case smiley faces
    NO MORE TWINS~Bring back the Tila Tequila ♥