A Fine Romance (1989)

Season 1 Episode 11

School Daze

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Unknown on ABC
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School Daze
Shot mostly in Windsor, England, Michael has been invited back to his old school, Dryden, to accept the "old boy award". Louisa is the surprised recipient of a mink coat that falls from the sky, pursued thereafter by its owner, a thief who has sown the contents of a bank heist into the lining. Adding to the plot are Michael's disagreeable mother, George trying to get Fergie to appear on the show, and the auction of a baseball card collection that sends Louisa into a mad frenzy of hitting up everyone she knows for enough money to buy it.moreless

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    Faith Brook

    Faith Brook

    Mother Trent

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    Keith Allen

    Keith Allen

    Nick Hoskers

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    Garfield Morgan

    Garfield Morgan

    Bobby Bolan

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    • QUOTES (6)

      • Louisa: They're auctioning off ...the Feltheimer Collection, can you believe it?
        Michael: What are you talking about?
        Louisa: Baseball cards, Michael! Freddy Feltheimer had every Yankee team since 1921 - every player, every year...some still in their wrappers...I have to have it.

      • Louisa: (In jail,talking to Michael who is outside the bars) I want to leave now.
        Michael: Will you let my mother keep the coat for the weekend?
        Louisa: Michael, I have to have it this weekend.
        Michael: For what conceivable reason?
        Louisa: Can we talk about this with me out there?
        Michael: Who gets the coat for the weekend? You or my mother?
        Louisa: Michael, I never thought you'd stoop so low!...I'm proud of you.
        Michael: Who-gets-the-coat?
        Louisa:(swallowing) Your mother. (Michael smiles.)

      • Mrs. Trent: You bailed her out?
        Michael: I couldn't leave her in jail, Mother.
        Mrs. Trent: Oh, I suppose not. It really wouldn't be fair to the other degenerates.

      • Nick: You! Old pasty-face. Get down here.
        Mrs. Trent: Alluding to a person's age or appearance in a disparaging manner is an unmistakable sign of poor breeding, you fat pig!

      • Mrs Trent: What you need is a wife.
        Michael: I had a wife
        Mrs Trent: A proper wife. Preferably one further along on the evolutionary scale.

      • Mrs Trent: You never used to quote dreary poets. It's That Woman, isn't it?
        Michael: We're divorced now, Mother. You don't have to choke on her name anymore.
        Mrs Trent: She ruined your life!
        Michael: She didn't ruin anything, Mother. Well, four suits and an apartment in Rome...

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Louisa: several references to British boarding schools
        Louisa stereotypically refers to the staid British upper crust as "people who have no concept of the word 'fun'", to Michael's former school as a 'mausoleum of an English boarding school', and talks about him spending a boring weekend 'standing around going 'faw,faw,faw' with his old school 'chumps'.' She also refers to his former school (which is Eton under the guise of a school called 'Dryden') as "where the elite meet to bleat. The bland leading the bland. The old bore network." She often makes disparaging remarks about the typical English lifestyle as being boring, uneventful, and dull.