A Football Life

Season 2013 Episode 22

Jerry Rice

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 28, 2014 on NFL - National Football League
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Feb 03, 2014
:) my boyfriend fell asleep on the couch watching something, and then I heard the tv start on about Jerry Rice. I remembered him from when I was young, but at first didnt pay much attention to the show that was on.

However, as I was putting on my coat to go outside to do a few chores, I found myself stopping for a minute in front of the tv, and then becoming absolutely engaged with the rest of the show..

Not even bothering to seat myself or remove my coat.....I stood there, not noticing that I was sweating, or standing awkwardly.

In other words, this was a fantastic show, appealing to anyone, partially due to Rices' childhood, influencing his unique abilities to catch a ball, as well as the fun and well done interviews.

5 stars.moreless