A Gifted Man

Season 1 Episode 9

In Case of Abnormal Rhythm

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • The best episode yet


    And I really liked all of them and please beware there may be some (minimal) spoilers ahead. This one had the most dramatic twist of all and was really heart wrenching. Michael starts with him being his usual self. Being a doctor with an ego "the size of Wyoming" (according to Kate) flirting with a good looking supply promoter. I find it very interesting to watch him try to hold on to his controlled world when his ghost ex-wife keeps popping up unexpectedly. The sweetest moments are when Michael is forced to let his feelings and his care for his patients show. As it happens when he has to face that his patient at the Clinica Sanando is suffering from a very serious condition. It's great to watch his character growth and so his becoming not only a brilliant surgeon but an empathic doctor as well even if it make take him quite some time. This episode kept me biting my nails until the end I was so caught up in Kate's case where Michael tried his best to save the day. I usually don't tear up that easily but at the end playing a beautiful Coldplay song "A Gifted Man" had me. I'd really wish CBS would reconsider to make this series a regular on their program. I can't believe they didn't order more episodes for the first season. I think it is the perfect Sunday evening treat.