A Gifted Man

Season 1 Episode 16

In Case of Heart Failure

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Please don't cancel

    Tonights episode was reason enough to keep this show!!! Excellent Season Finale to an Excellent Season...
  • I LOVE this show!

    I was on pins and needles during tonight's episode...it seemed like each issue the characters dealt with, were pointing to the end of the show. Worried Kate might leave and go to Dallas with her husband, with the Anna's heart recipient dying, it looked like maybe it would be the end of Anna's 'appearances' to Michael. I like the story line hinting that Kate and Michael might get together, and she didn't say she was going to agree to stay with her husband, so the show may go on...I hope! It seems like every time a good show comes on it gets cancelled and some dumb reality show takes its place, I would hate to see this one cancelled.
  • A Gifted Man

    I read where this program may be on the cancellation list for next season. Please please reconsider keeping this program on the air. It is by far one of the best TV shows on the air. The story lines are great and the actors are great. Thank you. A die hard fan..
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