A Gifted Man

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on CBS

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  • Better than anticipated, but less than I'd hoped. Cliched, not terribly interesting... but it is the pilot, so maybe it will improve. Maybe.


    The acting is pretty good, the makeup is pretty good, the setting is pretty good... but the show telegraphs where it's going right from the opening with the perfectionist, rich, arrogant neurosurgeon doing his imperious bit around his billion-dollar empire... You know he's going to 'learn his lesson' and come down to help the lil' guy, have his heart touched by the plight of those less fortunate who need his medical help, and all due to the intervention of his kindly ex-wife who has been helping them herself - and is now a ghost.

    Cue the less fortunate sister and her son that the doctor also 'learns his lesson' about, and helps, and the sister's kooky shaman boyfriend who happens to know all about ghosts (how lucky is that) and promises to help the doctor get rid of his ex-wife ghost. But then the doctor realises he still kind of loves her... and doesn't want her gone.

    There is also a case of the week, although being the pilot there are two - one is the rich, playboy, wastrel friend of the doctor who dies (also giving the doctor a pause for thought over the loss of one of his few mates), and a young tennis player who nearly dies except for the doctor's brain surgery - but then she blames him for preventing her from winning the tennis grand slam because she can't play for a couple of months after surgery. Apparently her career was more important than her life - another wake up call for our doctor.

    So in one episode he's a changed man after a lifetime of medical empirebuilding. Can I stand watching another episode? I'll give it the magic three tries, but on the basis of this as the pilot, I don't know if it's going to go somewhere original, interesting, or even entertaining.

    But, hey, it's well made, and the main actor, Patrick Wilson, is interesting to watch, it's just that the characters aren't.

  • Wow - Far Exceeded Expectations


    I decided to check out this show almost as an afterthought, thinking that it would be another Ghost Whisperer or Medium and I didn't care for either of those. It's not that they were not good shows - they were - it's just not the kind of show I like.

    Much to my surprise, I loved the Pilot. It's hard to point to a specific reason. I loved the feel of the program. There was something about it that left a nice feeling with me and watching lifted my spirits.

    Sure, Patrick Wilson was excellent in the lead role and the supporting cast has Julie Benz and Margo Martindale among others, but it's more than that.. Maybe it's just the idea that a person who isn't the most altruistic finds himself doing things that make a difference from a point of love for another. And that is always nice to see. :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the show unfolds.

  • good start but missing something...spooky stuffand medicine... new concept... should be enough to keep me around


    So i think that the pilot was alright not too rushed neither too slow for viewer to catch on... thou well there is the whole wife apparition issues and he thinking he is going mad.

    the guy is doing a good role.. has the looks of asuccessful doctor and so it goes all with the show, but he is too damn cocky and confident plus arrogant. but i think the plot of the show is about him seeing lie other way and be more humble and get all that into good work.

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