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  • Figures...

    I somehow have to find the great tv shows on Netflix only to find they are cancelled off main tv. Do we possibly have an advertising issue with the networks? This was a really good show.
  • Sad to See It Ended !

    i have finish watched the final episode i hope they make more episode it was sad and funny thank to netflix
  • Sad to See It Ended !

    We found this wonderful series on watched the final episode, and we are sad. Why would such a nice series be cancelled???
  • Great show

    I've been sick and found this series on Netflix. Hooked. Wish it would continue!
  • come back please

    my most favorite show ever, please come back
  • Great story, great show, PLEASE BRING BACK

    Please bring the show back ! please !
  • great cast and story+ informative!!!!!!

    Please bring it back!!!
  • Say it isn't so

    I too just watched the series on Netflix and am disappointed to find out that it isn't going to continue in season 2. It was awesome and it ended before its time.. Go figure .. Another tv show that i loved and they cancel it. Idiot Broadcasting companies kill the good show and keep the mindless crap and reality series that i can't stand.
  • Any more on this show?

    The last Episode made me feel the story is still going. Why ended this show? Please bring it back!!!
  • Bring It Back!!

    I love this show, and I'm not much of a tv person. The cast is great. I watched the entire season on Netflix in one sitting, as I said before, I don't watch tv, I didn't even know it existed until I saw it on Netflix, and I fell in love with it! Please bring it back!
  • CBS Needs to leave a great show on!

    It has been a long time since I have seen good tv. This show was/is great. A great cast and storylines. They need to ring it back. I could not get enough of this show and I am sure I am not the only one. One of the few shows that teaches as well.

    Why ???? because we loved him ??? the serie was very nice i loved watching it why ??

    bring it back please ,
  • bring it back!!!!!!

    Does anyone know who to write too so we can get this great show back. I live in the UK and really dont want it too end. Bring it back please. Who do we need to write too
  • If WE love it - you know it will be cancelled!!!!!!!!!

    You love him, you hate him and you cannot stop watching! This show should have been for everyone with all of the wonderful story lines and the different characters. It does not sugarcoat everything in a 20 story multi-plex hospital. It gets to the streets where real life happens and he always surprises you when that shell cracks. Just GOOD t.v. At least they gave it a season unlike Jersey Girl that is already on the chopping block!
  • A Gifted MAN!!!! I love this show

    This show was wonderful.. I looked forward to watching it.. Whats the reason for cancelling ??? Must be its a GOOD man doing GOOD works.. not making negative suggestive sexual , foul mouth statements... NO you keep those but not the GOOD show!!
  • Not again can't these tv companies get anything right.

    One of the best shows on tv can't believe they've done it again CBS needs their asses kicked now they have cancelled another great show obviosly not crapy enough for them to keep on. maybe they should ask the public not their so call experts defeniittion ie : an ex is a has been & sperts are drips under presure be cause they obviously weren't sain when they took this show off the air
  • Why was A Gifted Man cancelled after saying it would be back on in September? This waws A great program I looked forward to watching.

    This was A great program I looked forward to watching. There was always good quality script any one could watch. Please consider restoring this program.

    i enjoyed this show and looked forward to i weekly. I give the show A 10 score!
  • Bring Gifted Man Back!!

    I looked forward to this show all week! There are only 3 or 4 shows I consistently watch every week (dvr if I have to miss it) and this was one of them! My roommate and I both fell in love with the show and loved the characters! Not to mention we're all still waiting for Michael and Kate to finally get together! Also, watching him grow into a better person with compassion and beginning to help at the clinic more was great...he and Kate will do great things with it! And Rita....absolutely love her too!! Please, reality tv is stupid, can't stand it, bring back something actually good and entertaining!!
  • Terribly Upset about this cancellation.

    Every time I watched A Gifted Man the hour went by so quickly and I found myself wanting more! I don't understand how these networks decide on what stays and what goes but they made a huge mistake with this one! What a pity - the actors were so well cast and talented, the story line unusual and gripping. What else do "they", the network want???? I'm at a loss here and very disappointed!!! This was NOT a run of the mill show like so many of the shows they kept or new ones introduced. Oh well, Grrrrrrrrr and harrrrumphhhhh
  • A Gifted Man,

    I LOVE this show Why do the good shows usually get cancelled and the JUNK stay on the air???
  • A simply awesome show!!

    I am so frustrated that A Gifted Man has been cancelled! This was one of the great shows that a person could watch and feel good afterwards. Why do you let your viewers invest in a wonderful program only to find out that it has been cancelled. Yet you keep trashy comedy shows on that barely pass the censor test with their content (i.e. Two and a Half Men)! Please consider bringing this show back and giving it another chance.
  • This was a great show!

    This was a great show. I was so sad to see you cancel it.... Please give it another try.
  • So much better.....

    This show is so much better than House MD, why would they cancel something so good....

    Grrr I hate getting drawn into something and be invested in the characters and then I find they pulled it....
  • I loved this show!!!

    I was so sad when it was cancelled. The acting on this show was superb, and the characters were brilliantly cast. It will be missed.
  • The Gifted Man

    This was the BEST show. I couldn't wait for Friday night. Never missed it. Please bring it back.
  • Creative and Fun: dead ex-wife is haunting you, in a GOOD way!

    It's so nice to see good creative tv w/out all the narcissistic reality show components. This program is well written and well acted by quality actors. It is sooo frustrating to watch great show after great show get cancelled just to be replaced by another trashy reality program.

    Sure hope the people w/ the ax DONT CANCEL this wonderful program.
  • The Best New Show

    Please renew this show, as it is one of the best new shows on TV. I enjoy it very much and was disappointed when you pulled it. This is a compelling show with a lot of heart and I really enjoy the characters. All people who watch TV aren't teenagers or young. I will admit that I am a senior citizen, past 60 and love this type of show, plus there are a lot of us out there too. Please give it another chance or I hope someone else will pick it up.
  • The Best New Show of the Year!

    "A Gifted Man" is easily the best new drama of the year. The acting is excellent as is the writing, and the way it probes traditional medical dogma with more alternative methods is both educational and entertaining. The neurosurgeon vs. shaman subtheme is hilarious and eye-opening, helping all of us see how little we really know about how the universe works. I love this show. We need it!
  • Please Do Not Cancel This Show!!!!

    This show is one of the Best Medical Drama's, PLEASE give this show another chance, PLEASE!!!!
  • Another Good Show Set to Bite The Dust?

    This is a great show and a welcome change from the ridiculous reality shows, vampire shows and so on... I hope they reconsider!

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