A Haunting

Season 1 Episode 0

A Haunting in Connecticut

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 01, 2004 on Discovery Channel

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  • Great

    This is the first episode in the series "A Haunting", which chronicles haunted houses, places and etc. This one deals with a family who's son needs special hospital care, so they move into an old funeral home in Connecticut. The boy starts to become cold and attached and the family grows weary of him. The other family members start to experience supernatural activities in the house as well. This is a two-part episode that only gets better. It is a pretty scary episode and shows you a sign of things to come in the future episode. My favorite episode of the series, I would reccomend it to anyone.
  • From the beginning to the end, fear swelled.

    Children live in haunted house + parent's don't believe = a recipe for disaster.

    This was one of the most spind-tingling shows of this series that I have watched. The devil himself, the expression of his face... now that was the real killer of the story, as that part I was surely snagged onto the show.

    I also thought that the funeral home made a large impact to the stories' setting; which made the parents wish to "hide" the homes awful past from their children.

    I will point out one spot that really spooked me, when the girl was with the dollhouse in her room. You sort of anticipate that something will happen (as they don't usually show those scenes for nothing), yet you don't know really when it's coming. And trust me, something comes. ;)

    For those reasons and more, I rate this story 9.5 out of 10.
  • Boy lives in basement with an enity.

    Okay, the house looked cool. Even when the family found out it was a old funeral home it still looked cool. But why on earth wouldn't you move your son out of the basement after finding out such news? I was totally creeped out and have been since. I turned down a job to answer phones in a funeral parlor (living above it) because of this show! The good news is the kid with the cancer gets to come home from the hospital and the family is reunited and as smart as they weren't, they decide maybe it's time for a move. You think?
  • Never live in a old funeral home...

    This is my favorite episode of the series. Every time it comes on TV I watch it or record it for later. I never get tired of it. I think what makes this one so creepy is the fact that it is in the dead of winter and the house itself is dark and dreary. However, the basement is worse.
    The basement is where most of it takes place. It's used for the boys' bedroom and there is this separate room off to the side. This is where it lives...the monster, ghost, whatever you want to call it. The eyes on this man are dark and his expression emotionless. The oldest son, who has cancer, decided to face him. His personality changes drastically after that and he eventually is sent to a hospital for observation. The couple eventually turns to John Zaffis, the nephew of Ed and Lorraine Warren for help. Some are skeptical of this show, this episode and even of the Warrens and Zaffis. While I do not necessarily believe or disbelive this story, it's still a great story nonetheless.
  • a scary fun hour

    the stuff that happens in the show feels creepy and disturbing, but watching it on tv, it becomes infotainment. we get to see stuff that we normally see in horror movies, but this is no movie, it's a dramatic presentation of the real thing, it's really scary. it's fun to watch as well, i'm having a good time watching this every week. i'm glad the discovery channel made this tv show, it's brilliant. documentary shows have never been this good. i hope they keep up on new episodes each week since they are so well made and very very entertaining indeed.
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