A Haunting

Season 2 Episode 10

A Haunting in Florida

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on Discovery Channel
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A Haunting in Florida
Within weeks of moving into a ranch home with their young daughter, unnerving entities start appearing to the Dunhams. Beth awakens to see the ghostly figure of an old woman standing in the doorway and Edd encounters a menacing man sitting on one of their beds. Bizarre sounds become a regular event around the house, including a ghostly tapping that responds to Edd's knocks. Fearing for themselves and their infant, they consult a team of paranormal investigators. Disembodied voices and dark figures captured on tape leads to one conclusion: the Dunhams' home is a portal for spirits and is raging with negative energy.moreless

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  • Aww. Poor baby. :(

    Dude... This episode kinda freaked me out. I'm sorry but old people haunting you? That's almost as creepy as it gets. And they were mean old people too. It's a VERY good thing that...woman who set up the video reviewed it when she did. That's terrible that those spirits were trying to harm the baby. :( The only things I didn't like in this episode was that the climax was like, the last 5 minutes, and it was very rushed. (That's how it felt to me.) The other thing is that we never found out hardly anything about the spirits. Who they were and why they wanted to harm the baby so badly. Oh well. There's only so much you can find out I guess. Besides, it was way to dangerous for the family to stay. I hope the little girl doesn't remember anything that happened in that house. Ya never know... People remember the craziest dreams. I hope if she does remember, nothing happens to her mentally. That'd be awful. :( But other than that, it was a really good episode. Freaky much though. But that's what made it good. :P :)moreless
  • When you move into a home with a kid and strange things happen, it's time to move out.

    This house looked awesome. I really liked the sunroom I think it was at the back of the house. What I didn't like was the menacing man on the roof, the strange noises coming from the yard and the poor frightened family. If I walked in to my baby's room and saw a shadow leaning over the crib I would be at the nearest Holiday Inn even if I had to write a hot check! The show scared the beegeezus out of me as the family tried to fight the enities that were haunting their home. When it became clear there were too many they moved. I pity the next family who moves in.moreless
  • another great episode

    A Haunting in Florida is about this couple that buys a house in..well you know where...and soon discover something strange about thier house. First the guy sees a man in a room smoking and then he just vanishes like he was never there and then the creepiest part in my opinion was when the wife saw the elderly woman staring at her. OH MY I would have started to scream like crazy!! Overall this episode was very good its one of my personal favorites. I would give it an A+.moreless
  • Capturing, Thrilling, and suspenseful

    As you watch it you can't help but place yourself within the person's shoes. Merely because it's hard to imagine that things like this actually can happen in real life. You watch scary movies and you don't think it can exist but they do and when you hear it from actual people who have encounterd these horrific incidents it makes you wonder what else is out there. I definitely kept jumping whenever they would show the suspense scenes like when Beth was in the den and she was looking through the windows out the backyard and Edd opened the sliding door. I seriously thought it was going to be another ghost because we didn't see his face until he entered the den. My brother was definitely laughing at me because I literally screamed out loud.moreless

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