A Haunting

Season 1 Episode 0

A Haunting in Georgia

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 01, 2004 on Discovery Channel

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  • Great true story account of a classic haunting that is detected by a little girl.

    This is a great episode based on the true story of Heidi Wyrick and her family\\\'s experience\\\'s into the paranormal. This episode is very well done, and very interesting. The family is adorable, and I believe that Heidi has a true gift. Heidi has been capable of talking to the dead since she was very little. This episode shows how her and her family became aware of her abilities, and shows how this affected her and her family when she was a little girl. This episode gave me the creeps in parts, and amazed me in others. A Haunting in Georgia has always been my favorite episode in this series.
  • The story of a Medium in the making.

    Heidi Wyrick starts seeing ghosts at a young age. Her favorite ghost friend is "Mr. Gordy" who is very benevolent towards her. As she grows she starts seeing other spirits. Her family consults a para psychologist, Dr. William Role, who doesn't believe in ghosts but more in the realm of magnetic fluctuations causing memory placement. He believes Heidi has ESP, extra sensory perception, which allows her to see things most can not. He has a physical Medium, Amy Allen, come in and read the house. Her reading matches those of the family's accounts. She says that Heidi is a physical Medium as well. Her mother, Lisa, also hears voices and considers them to be demonic. The family seeks refuge with their church. Brother Shelly gives the family a special blessing to protect them. The family grows stronger but things are still going on in the Wyrick house. A very scary show which would have made me move long ago!
  • scary one, awesome

    The Wyrick family experiences something unnatural in a house that they just bought. All kinds of ghost appears in the house, this is another creepy episode. it's awesome, this episode will surely frighten you. the way the story is told is through dramatization, which is great since they get to add some creepy elements with home videos alone. the process of investigation by the parapsychologists is really interesting, it adds to the show's creepiness, i really had a good time with this episode, i'm just waiting for the next one. the writers did very well making this episode, it's awesome.
  • one of the best episodes made!!

    it was so creepy, but I love that whole being scared feeling so this episode was fun to watch!! This is my favorite episode of all time!! I love how it was made, it looked like real ghosts instead of just computer animations!! They need to show this one more!
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