A Haunting

Season 4 Episode 11

Casa de los Muertos

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2007 on Discovery Channel

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  • Gold Album Jazz "Mystery Man", Eddie Benitez ; his first concert was at the Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 fans of Latin/Jazz. Discovery Channel Friday, October 26, 2007...

    "Fans claiming to see angels on stage"...., Legendary guitarist Eddie Benitez played in a private show in Phoenix AZ, this was the topic of discussion by several people in attendance after the show in 2003. The mystery of Eddie Benitez started in 1976 when he signed with Fania/CBS records, with his first release "Nightlife" at age 14, 6 months later another hit, "Essence of Life", both went gold as he performed/mentored with legendary stars, Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria and many others, throughout his young music career. His performing career came to a sudden halt when Eddie was diagnosed with Hodgkins at a young age of 23. This changed his life forever as he survived the cancer and took time off to reflect on life and spirituality. He continued to write music over the years. His music is a blend of Smooth Jazz, NewAge, and Latin written from his heart that filled with love, passion, and devotion. Throughout his life, Eddie has had many spiritual visions while overcoming a heart attack and an unexplained 3 day coma. Eddie was under investigation for massive healings in his Florida home. "There is no healer, but faith in God, Christ and in yourself" Eddie told the investigators. One of Eddie's spiritual hauntings was documented and recreated for the Discovery Channel series "A Haunting" - Casa de los Muertos, premiering Friday, Oct 26, 2007, 2pm EST , re-airing over the weekend on Sunday, Oct 28 8pm EST and Monday, Oct 29 12AM EST (with continuous reruns throughout the season - Check your local listing). The special show will be featuring Eddie's new music. His son, Julian Sosa will be portraying Eddie's oldest son in the show. For more details of the show, please go to the below links.
    www.newdominion.com/index.asp?id=720 www.myspace.com/eddiebenitez
  • New York street smarts don't always help in ghostly matters!

    A good Latin Jazz prodigy, Eddie, witnesses his mother at a young age take a demon out of a man and put the evil spirit between a piece of paper and a glass of water. Little does Eddie know that he will have to use this exact same ritual to save his own son. At the age of 14 Eddie sees a demon in the form of a taxi driver. His mother tells him he has the same gift she has concerning being able to see spirits. He learns to live with his gift. As a young adult he tours the world with his music. Then he settles down, goes to college and starts a family.
    In 2003 he relaunches his music career and after the death of his mother he decides to move from New York City to Tempe, Arizona. He can be close to L.A. and Las Vegas to continue his career.
    He starts to work on his album at night when the house is quiet and starts to hear noises. His son, Eddie Jr., begins suffering attacks where he can not breathe. Then one night while making dinner, Eddie hears a voice tell him to get out. Eddie Jr. becomes worse, unable to leave his room. The daughter of the man who lived and died in the house tells Eddie that her father was an ex con who believed in white power and was attacking Eddie Jr. and the family for their race. Although Eddie tries the same ceremony he saw his mother perform Eddie Jr. still is attacked. A creepy tale.
  • Discovery did a great job on there research and telling the truth on what happen

    This is Eddie Jr. All that you saw on the show is true. I see a comment by someone i have no clue who they are. They hide behind a username and talk about how they know this family. This person does not know this family. I don't know any mike.. This is a person that has noting else better to do. Anyone have any questions feel free to mesg. me at jazz_e_entertainment@yahoo.com or at www.myspace.com/jazz_e_entertainment
    Everyone has the right to say what they want about the show. But when all you do is talk lies and try to put down what i went through thats not right. Many have witness what has happen and what i can do. So who ever this person is reveal your self if you you have known this family for the time span u say u have. Thats all I have to say. Blessings,
  • "A Haunting" has lost all it's credibility after airing this episode!

    The ENTIRE story was a LIE!!! I know this family VERY WELL and non of what they said was true!!! (They never even lived in that house). "Eddie Jr" (the son) has Asthma and smokes like a camp fire. That's why he's sick. The entire family has been telling "ghost stories" to anyone who is dumb enough to listen and believe them for as long as I've known them (I've known them for 10+ years). That is a fact, not my opinion!!! "A Haunting" should do more research on it's "ghost story tellers" before airing a show on national TV. It has lost all its credibility, in my opinion.
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