A Haunting

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2005 on Discovery Channel

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  • Sometimes we curse ourselves!

    After retiring from the armed forces Fernando and Romie look around for a new house. When they don't find anything they like they try a different neighborhood where Romie is immediately attracted to a run down house. After months of renovation the family moves in. A neighbor tells Romie about a 15 year olds suicide and the subsequent suicide of the father. Romie feels something attacking her, pulling at her and begins seeing all kinds of apparitions. Fernando and the kids seem to be okay. But one night Fernando wakes up and sees something and can even see his own breath so they consult a Deacon from their Church to bless the house. Afterwards, the house seems calmer but only for a few hours. The paranormal episodes do die down and years pass. Romie's children grow up and have children of their own. Romie begins to babysit and her grandson starts experiencing problems with a new friend who no one can see named "Michael". He is terrorized even in his own home.
    Romie and Fernando consult Amy Allen who is a physical medium. After helping the family, the enity visits Amy in her own home! This is when Amy realizes that that the activity is a poltergist from Romie herself! She is unaware that she is projecting her emotions out and terrorizing herself and her family. Romie feels cursed. She has PK abilities and has to learn to control herself or the poltergist will become even worse! A freaky show!
  • great episode

    a family moves in a new house, thinking that it's a good idea, but ignorance takes the best of them. some paranormal events start to haunt the family. with the help of some paranormal experts, they figure out what's happening here. but there's something happening here different from the other episodes, it deals with poltergeist. this is an awesome episode. the effects are used to full effect making this another creepy episode. the writers did a good one, this was one fun episode to watch. the actors did a good job playing their roles, the reenactments are excellent, they add to the elements of the episode.