A Haunting

Season 4 Episode 1

Dark Wrath

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2007 on Discovery Channel

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  • More spiritual mischief!

    This is another one of those "the spirits tear the family apart" shows. The family moves to a house and the Cindy, the mother, starts dreaming strange dreams. Her husband, Jake, who works nights, doesn't share her uneasiness nor her dreams. Soon the two are being torn apart as unseen forces manifest themselves in strange ways. The most important are Jake's attacks on Cindy which he doesn't recall. Cindy in desperation calls Churches and finally gets a Fr. Thomas to agree to bless the house but he will have to fast first. That very night Jake comes home and picks up an ax and starts chopping through the door trying to get at Cindy. The cops arrive and haul him away. She doesn't press charges but never lets him back into the house. He moves in with his mother.
    Her dreams reveal what really happened on her house's site and how the demon that is haunting her house was called up. Fr. Thomas blesses the house but that night as her daughter is coming down the steps she is picked up and pinned to the wall. The family flees. Scary show!
  • scary

    Cindy moves to a new house with her two daughters and her boyfriend after he convinces her that they found their dream home. Just as soon as the move in, Cindy's two little girls experience something very eerie inside the house. Cindy doesn't believe the girls at first, but when she sleeps in the living room one night, she experience something that frightens the hell out of her. This episode was so creepy. the story was simple compared to a horror movie, but it was so frightening. It's well made, the characters acted so well. The story was simple but very well made.