A Haunting

Season 1 Episode 6

Darkness Follows

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2005 on Discovery Channel

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  • how to play the video

    can anyone help me to find link, i am unable to watch
  • In this world there is evil. Now that's how all the shows start out but this one scared me!

    In Montreal in '96 a family moves to a townhouse. The lady of the new house starts hearing footsteps in the same room as her. She also finds out she's pregnant. Now I'm not crazy or anything but I would want to protect the family and unborn child and get out of there! So with the help of a friend they decide to leave the house empty to see if they can record any noises in the house. The noises recorded would have sent me packing! There was something in the house alright and it wasn't very nice! I love this show but this one scared me!
  • great episode

    this is another great episode, the writers are doing a good job with each episode, this is certainly a scary episode. something we expect from a scary show, it's really entertaining, it's fun to watch. it's like ghost hunters but this one is a reenactment, so the scariness is raised really high, high enough to outdo crappy horror movies. they did a good job with this one, it's scary, watching this feels like you're watching a live action series, but it's a documentary. tom naughton did a really good job, i hope there's going to be more in the future, this is one good show.