A Haunting

Season 1 Episode 5

Echoes from the Grave

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2005 on Discovery Channel

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  • Old homes vacant and cheap aren't always a good idea.

    After getting married the Stallings and their newly blended family move into 1920's fixer upper. The house has been vacant for a year.
    The windows are nailed shut which they find peciluiar. Soon things begin to happen in the house. The faucets turn themselves on, things move on their own and the eldest boy starts hearing footsteps in the hall way.
    A neighbor stops by and tells them the lady who lived in the house before had insisted on the windows being nailed shut for her things were disappearing. They are uneasy by this revelation but nothing happens for weeks and the family settles into a routine. Then the brother of Nancy Stalling visits and is immediately overcome with a sense of dread. He doesn't return to the house for months.
    An old lady appears larger than life to them one night.
    Ron Stalling gets his uncle, a Priest, to bless the house. That night the toys on the porch start moving all by themselves. Realizing the porch wasn't blessed he nails a Crucifix on the porch wall and the toys go silent. Nancy Stalling gives birth to a baby daughter and while in the hospital she is awakened at night by the feeling of someone staring at her through the curtain. Even away from home she isn't alone.
    For nearly a year the family has been trapped bu the unseen forces and they can find no one who can help them. They put the house on the market. Their story appears in the paper when they were promised their names nor address wouldn't be used and the neighbors are angry with them and calls on the house stop.
    Finally, researching the paranormal, Nancy finds a man and woman who can help them. Hans Holtzer and a trans medium arrive at their house. They come up with names of those that are haunting the house and try to cross them to the other side. Some of the ghosts are not from the house but the civil war era meaning the actual ground is haunted.
    Bill, Nancy's brother finds that anyone who ever lived on the land had someone die in the family before they moved out! A creepy story with a strong ending.
  • great episode

    another great episode, a family moves into a house thinking it's a great looking home because it's classy, wrong. this family should know better. when weird things start to happen around the house, they realized that their homes will become a living hell. they live through this hoping it will go away eventually, wrong again, this spirits own their home, they got to do something before their family is torn apart. with the help of some paranormal experts they figure out how they can deal with this problem, but sometimes dealing with the problem is as simple as moving out.
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