A Haunting

Season 4 Episode 9

Ghost Hunter

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on Discovery Channel

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  • Don't go wandering through cemeteries at night- you never know what you might find!

    Stacy Jones is a paranormal investigator based in New York. One night, she invites her teenage son Jamie to tag along while her team investigates a cemetery. During the investigation, Stacy and Jamie see dark shapes; what paranormal investigators call "shadow people." They take off running in the opposite direction, but something follows them and latches on to Jamie. The day after their adventure, Jamie has a cut in his leg that is shaped like a five-point star, but Stacy does not think that it is very serious. When the school year starts, Jamie suffers rapid personality changes, and starts failing his classes at school, and stealing from his parents at home. Stacy thinks that a poltergeist has latched onto Jamie, but that changes when something attacks Jamie right in front of her. Stacy calls her mentor John Zaffis, and he tells her that Jamie is posessed. Because of this, Jamie has to undergo an exorcism.

    This episode shows why you should not wander around cemeteries at night. In the meantime, the story was pretty intersting as well. I liked this episode because it was another exorcism episode, and I like these episodes because they show that good will always triumph over evil. Sorry, got a little carried away. Anyway, another excellent installment of this series.
  • Another scary tale out of New York!

    Stacy is an ex police officer who lives with her son Jamie and Jamie's stepdad. She is a renowned speaker throughout New York on human spirit hauntings. She mixed business with family and allows her son to accompany her to a cemetery to investigate supposed hauntings going on there. She takes her team which one member gives Jamie a pair of dowsing rods, something Stacy doesn't believe do anything. Jamie jokingly says to the rods to take him to a grave named Smith and sure enough, they do. Then they see "shadow people" who are non human spirits. The team packs up and gets out of the cemetary hoping nothing really happened. Jamie starts feeling like he's living in a fog, he starts getting in trouble at school and he gets unexplained gouges on his body. After three months of trying to explain away her son's complaints of hearing noises and not remembering what he is doing wrong, Stacy sees the gouge marks appear right in front of her and realizes something is seriously wrong. She thinks it's a poltergiest but it's not. She turns to her mentor in Connecticut who tells her it is something much worse, a demonic possession. A very scary tale that will keep me out of cemeteries at night!
  • In-Human Haunt

    Illustrates the real life occurances of an inhuman haunt. Things can attach to individuals who do not have a belief system. People should be aware that there is evil in the world and spirits can attach to you if not careful. Great episode that illustrates the dangers of Ghost Hunting w/o protection. Even though this boy's mother was an experienced ghost hunter, the danger still lumes and caution in every investigation needs to be practiced. I guess the main lesson that investigators can learn from this show is that we must all be alert to the presence of spirits that dwell. From the things we see, to the things we fear....there are doors. When left open...nightmares can become reality!