A Haunting

Season 1 Episode 3

Hell House

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on Discovery Channel

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  • What a load of crap.

    Have you ever noticed how every one of the supposedly haunted locations Loreen Warren went to was not only haunted but "infested" with "demons. And high level ones at that'? Having her be the "expert" in the show made the whole show ridiculous. The ghost passing through the mother then the daughter was hystronics. And I have to wonder if Loreen brought along the "psychic auto writer" to lend her "high level demons" announcement creedence and add extra fear to an already upset family.

    Dude!!!! How strange!!!! Oh my goodness... Very scary episode. XD (But what I thought was a little weird, is that the older daughter's name was never said.. I know, I know they change many of the witnesses' names to protect them and all, but she didn't even have a name change. She was hardly mentioned much at all after the first few minutes. Hmm... She was just referred to as the "older daughter," or something very vague like that. ??? I don't know... It just seems a little strange to me.)

    But aww, I just always find myself pitying these poor families. Because you know what they undergo follows them for the rest of their lives. :( I just find it sad.

    But, it was a pretty good episode.
  • Beware of low priced housing that's been repossessed. It could be possessed!

    The Beckwith family moves into a house in Connecticut that has been empty for a year. The family is happy to move in except the eldest teenager who has a premonition that the house is evil. Almost immeditately things begin to happen to the family's youngest child who hears strange noises and his blankets are torn off his bed. Soon the other teenager in the house, Jennifer, feels a fist punching her through her mattress. When she looks under her bed nothing is there! The next night her bed is picked up and shakes violently. Finally, the parents feel that something really is going on, scaring their children and they contact Ed and Lorraine Warren who solved the Amityville (horror) house. In Jennifer's room Lorraine picks up a very negative, violent vibe. She informs the family after looking at a photograph that the there is a demon in the house. They suggest they take pictures of the room when they feel paranormal actitvity.
    When Grandma comes for a visit for Thanksgiving she can't keep the TV on in her room and in the dark TV glass she sees the reflection of 4 people. When she turns around no one is there. Then suddenly a man is in front of her. She leaves the house the next morning. I would have left right then and there!
    The Warrens bring a medium with them on their next visit named Lee who suddenly does what is called automatic writing. The note says for the family to get out. The Warrens suggest that the stick it out and fight. Two paranormal investigators spend the night and find out through rapping in Jennifer's room that there are 3 human spirits and a high level demon in the house. The Warrens have the house blessed.
    After a few day things get so bad that books go flying off the shelves, Lorraine Warren explains that the demon/ghosts were wounded by the blessing and now are mad. She asks a priest to do an exorcism.
    What takes place in the exorcism scared me half to death. It was such an excellent show!
  • another great episode

    i really love this show, i haven't seen a scary show since friday the 13th, this show is not a drama like friday the 13th, but it's really scary. a haunting is a great show, this episode is about a woman named Bonnie who moves into a antique house. the house looks very nice, it's in good condition, and the price seems to be just right. but the real cost of the house may be equal to their very lives. this is a very entertaining show, this episode was well done, the writers did a good episode, it's really fun to watch.