A Haunting

Season 1 Episode 1

Lake Club Horror

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2005 on Discovery Channel

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  • Good

    This one deals with the Lake Club, in Illinois. Two busisness men want to start a new club in Illinois and find the perfect building for it. They hire staff and things seem to be going really well. Some of the employees start to see ghosts or appirations of long-dead employees. One of the employees sees a ghost who tells her that one of the owners will die. This obvioulsy fightens her so much, that she takes the rest of the night off. This is a really good episode that I wished they would do more like, I would reccommend it.
  • It was a pretty good way to officially kick off the series and try to hook an audience.

    (Ohh....so it is one of the first episodes. Actually it IS The first. Haha. Oh. The irregular transition from the episode to the commercials threw me off because I've only seen older episodes prior to this one. XD Haha...)

    I think it was a pretty good episode. The old owner committed suicide, the staff scared silly, a preist is called in. Ok I'm no sadist. I didn't enjoy the torment the staff underwent, or the fact that the spirit haunting the club had committed suicide. The storyline was pretty upbeat and very suspenseful, and those are two qualities that make for a good episode. It's not as good as others I have seen, but hey, it was the first episode. Taking that into consideration, the episode was very well put together.
  • Restoration is a necessary evil.

    Bring in the Priest, bring in some more Priests. When things were hard on a former owner he does the unthinkable and puts a shotgun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. He dies but never leaves. Two new partners decide to renovate the place and make the place all nice and new. They get customers alright and once bar matron who is in the office when the ghost of the suicidal man appears and tells her one of the owners is going to die. She's freaks and never goes down to the office again. The two owners of the bar pay their rent to the owner of the building and two months later the owner of the building dies! The bar matron tells the owners what the ghost had said so they consult a childhood friend who is a Priest. He brings in some more Priests and they bless the place. All is peaceful after that. But soon enough business dies down and the two owners shutter the club. Not too scary but good!
  • great episode

    this is another great episode, the producers surely did a good one. this episode gave me goose bumps, it was scary. as scary as the poltergeist movie, yet it's a series, awesome. the producers really did a good one this week, the lake club ahve a lot of goodies in it. the reenactment of the actors were brilliant, they did a good job. the ghost actors are also awesome, they were creepy even though most of them are in the scenes for just a few seconds at a time. they did a good job indeed. i'm looking forward seeing the next one.