A Haunting

Season 4 Episode 12

Monster in the Apartment

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2007 on Discovery Channel

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  • Little ghost boys aren't always what they seem.

    In February of 2003 in Edminigton Canada a woman, Morgan, and a work place buddy share an apartment out of nessecity. Bob believes in Wicca and the good that it brings and he puts his candles up. This is all okay with Morgan, just grateful to have a roommate. One night shortly after moving into the apartment neither's key's will open the apartment. They then hear noises from the inside. Finally they gain access. Later that night Morgan hear noises and feels very unnerved. She can't find the reason for the noises. A few nights later Bob sees a vision of an 8 year old boy who tells Bob his name is Joseph. Bob's personality begins to change. He lights a special Wiccan candle for the 8 year old boy.
    Meanwhile, Morgan's best friend shows Morgan a tape of Lorraine Warren. They become intrigued with Warren's work with the paranormal and her ways of handling it.
    They try to catch EVP's on the on tape but have no luck.
    Morgan meets a new bud at work named Cort. Cort thinks there is a concrete reason for the haunting based on science. When Bob is diagnosed with blood cancer he lights his Wiccan candles and all but one lights. The last one will not take the flame. Cort tries to light the same candle and it sparks like a fire cracker but doesn't light. Finally Morgan calls Lorraine Warren who tells her that the 8 year boy changing Bob's personality is no 8 eight year old boy but a demon possessing him. She says for Morgan to stenghten herself spiritually and to get Bob to renounce Joseph which he does not.
    Then Morgan meets Joseph! A really creepy show, showing what happens to weakened minds and to strong minds. Excellent show. Worth watching again!