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  • "Between the world we see, and the things we fear, there are doorways. When they are opened, nightmares become reality." This show reenacts incidents of paranormal phenomena, with commentary from the victims.

    If you are in the mood for some serious chills, than this is the show for you. All of the reenactments are well done, with serious emphasis being put on what scared the victims. This was a show that I discovered not too long ago on the Discovery Channel, and I must say- even though many episodes have scared me out of my wits, I love this show, and I am sad that there won't be any new episodes- at least not for now. I also will say that if you do not believe in ghosts and hauntings, you will by the time you finish watching this show. Overall, really good, scary show. Hope it comes back soon.
  • A Haunting episode on today about a woman who's child was possessed by a man who they called "MAN" The mother told the story and she of course was the hero. She made the entity attack her in MONSTER form and then made him leave by blowing some smoke! Ha.

    I have to say, this episode was an insult to anyone's intelligence. It was almost stupid and definitely laughable. I think some people just make up this stuff. I do like the show and do believe that there are unexplained things out there for sure. But this one was just not believable. To me any entity that is strong enough to show themselves in a REAL MONSTER form would not be expelled from the home just by a bunch of smoke and ranting "Leave my House" Maybe producers should give the public a little more credit that they are not so naive. This one was just plain unbelievable.
  • This show is a spinner! I totally experience very little things that go on with me in my household and I try to make sense of it, saying it could be something else, but when that one day husband told me a story I started thinking otherwise!

    Ever since I was a little girl I've experienced weird things going on around me. Never nothing threatning, and it seems like to me it's just trying to let me know it's there is all. I don't know what to think about it. But when your trying to tell someone who don't believe you and then all of a sudden something happens to them and now they believe you its just down right weird to me! It makes me angry because I don't want to be bothered by nothing! My mom says it could be a good thing, but I think not!
  • The absolute best series I have ever seen.

    I absolutly love ghostly type, haunting shows...especially documenteries. I do not like blood, guts and gore. That's not scary. This is. I have recently purchased seasons 1,2 &3. The fourth will be available soon. I don't know what I'll do when I've seen them all. I really would like to see much more of this series or something simular to it. Movies like The Changling, with George C. Scott, What Lies Beneath, with Harrison Ford, and the "non-out-doable" The Excorsist, are really great scary movies in my book. They are based on true hauntings or the possibility of. A Haunting fits right in with these. I NEED MORE! Thanks.
  • Sometimes I think Ghosts are fake & real but I just need some convincing.

    Yeah, the Score would be higher if the Acting was better. I did have one experience about a year ago in July or August: I was watching TV & the Window & Door was closed. The Vent is on the Roof. When I looked to the right of- near the corner of the Room, My Towel was hanging halfway & it suddenly moved up & I ran out of my Room. There was no Air either, so I don't know what caused. Nothing as serious as the show but I just don't think it is Real because each episode always needs a Priest to be involved. But I guess it is still entertaining.
  • this show was awesome.

    when i first saw this episode i was seeing the whole earth as if i walked in another dimension from my home (apartment) to a realm that showed ghosts and the undead alive like watching high definition. a haunting was the only show that ever showed me that what lurks out there in the big world besides all of the stuff you normally see in your past lives. after this showed me enough i finally get to understand the supernatural and it's evil. i also get to understand that your fantasy life in the show won't come true.instead the ghosts will haunt till you do an exorcism.
    grade point average:A++
  • Scares the crap out of me!

    I love this show, it's very addicting but I cant watch it all the time because I'm paranoid that a ghost is in my house. But it's pretty interesting. I have some interests in the paranormal myself and a few experiences where I've come in contact with spirits. But I wouldnt consider a under 13 years of age watching this because it can be very scary for kids to see their nightmares become real and to think that this really happened to someone. Even me at 16 am scared to death of this show but loves to watch it.

    The actors on this show could be better. Sometimes I notice them reusing actors for different episodes. but other than that, this show is great.
  • a haunting is about people being haunted by ghosts.

    a haunting is one of the best shows in the world. i watch a haunting every time i get a chance. i love to see how the whole thing will play out. i learned about some some of the ghosts. i vary interested in ghosts. i think they are so cool. i like how the show looks so real when it's only a reenactment. My whole family watches it too. i don't think their's anyone who doesn't watch a haunting once and a while. i wish that they would stop repeating the same shows over and over again. i love the show!
  • I always get goosebumps whenever I watch this

    I never watch it during mornings or afternoons, I always want to watch it every midnight to keep myself awake.

    Exorcisms, possessions, haunted houses and cursed objects, classic things that always scares me anytime.

    I love this show so much, yet at the same time hate it since it always gives me nightmares, and I can't even get the scenes out of my head.

    I also feel that this show might strengthen our faith to God, since it's mostly God doing the hard work in exorcisms or taking out the devil from the person, even if it scares us, it's still a miracle for them to be alive, and I hoped they're faith in God gets stronger as well.
  • Religion and prothesizing have no buisness on the Discovery channel but maybe a religious channel. This is from a christan perspective and the writers have no real clue about the occult, paranormal, wicca or witchcraf.

    Phony. Uninformed about the supernatural and occult except from a christian perspective. prothelizing has no place on the discovery channel. No real truth on the supernatural and blamed on "demons". I consider this film a bit cheezy too. I am a real wiccan and insulted by the way witches are portrayed on this show. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but they seem to bash the spiritual beliefs of others who are different. I have been practicing the occult for years from a positive perspective and never encountered any "boogymen" Bad dead in the house maybe or people are mentally ill that live there or drug addicts?
  • Awesome show

    A Haunting is the show that tells real life accounts of those who have experienced paranormal encounters. Most of them occur in houses but some of them have been seen in nightclubs and even some have shown demonic possesion. A Haunting is one of the shows that can be quite scary and is a very intersesting show to watch. Some of the downsides of A Haunting can be the actors who play the people are just not believable or the haunting they're investigating is just not very intersting. Overall, this is one of my favorite shows and I hope they continue with out, 9.4/10
  • Most of the time I like A Haunting, I usually watch it in bed with the lights turned off to create some atmosphere!

    Most of the time I like A Haunting, I usually watch it in bed with the light turned off to create some atmosphere! Normally the actors and actually involved people sound alike - as if they're from the same area or they're good at accents. Sometimes the acting is rather dubious or unrealistic.
    Last night the episode was called "The Wheatsheaf Horror" and was based on a pub in West Boldon, South Tyneside (I live in North Tyneside and used to teach in Boldon, I've also had a drink in that pub). Anyway to cut a long story short the accents were appalling - the actors had English accents worse than Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Instead of attempting the accent they seemed to try to sound like upper class twits - Monty Python style - and failed that! The story in itself was fascinating but the silly accents detracted from the programme and ruined the ambience.
  • It's a wonder I haven't had nightmares yet. XD

    It's a wonder I haven't had nightmares yet. XD I didn't think the show would freak me out at all. And for the first few episodes I watched of it, it didn't. Only recently has it begun to. XD It's just, all these numerous accounts, all the people that have seen these spirits... It's so hard to deny it. I mean I've found flaws in some of the stories, things that don't add up, but of course anything on TV is going to get played up and exaggerated to some extent to hook viewers. *shivers* Geez, so are these "spirits" real?? (It really makes me wonder because I'm almost positive I've seen split-second glances of people I could have sworn were there. There's no way they could have been though... And yet I've seen people/spirits more than once... That's what's making me think that there may be some truth to all these accounts. Hmm...) Anyways, it's pretty informative. (Apparently there are ghost-busters, spirit chaser people, mediums, and psychics all over the U.S. How reassuring. :) I'm serious.) I don't know... It's just cool. :P If you're into this type of thing. Kinda like a real life horror movie (for the people it's happening to) without all the gore. Still extremely creepy though. So... I like the series. :) Haha.
  • I had a personal experience with "spirits" when I was younger and I wanted to share with you my story.

    When I was fourteen I had just started to get in to my Christian faith. God had changed my world. However, what I didn't know was that that time of molding and shaping me left me very vulnerable. I slept in a room alone in the second floor northeast corner of my house. It was all fine until about two weeks in to me sleeping in there. One night I was laying on my side about to crash out and I heard something very disturbing. I heard light breathing that sounded almost like wheezing. I started to get massive chills and really nervous. After only about a minute it went away. I laid wide-awake for a while then started to doze off again. When I started to shut my eyes and slip away into la-la land the breathing came back. This time, it was much, much louder. It sounded like a REAL person was breathing very heavily right in my ear. I got to a breaking point and sprinted out of the room and down the stairs to my mom crying my eyes out in fear. The next night I tried again to sleep there and it started soft so I ran again not looking back. Two days later I had moved into a different room. I loved it and for the first week nothing strange happened. One night when I was about to go to sleep I felt my cat at my feet so I reached down to get her and she wasn't there. I didn't really think anything of it until it happened again and I reached again and she still wasn't there. I started to get the chills again and heard a noise towards my door. I flipped over and stared at my door frozen. It moved a little and I couldn't move at all. The door then swung open and my brothers across the hall did the same. He wasn't there and his room was pitch black. Frozen, I stared into his room. His door then slammed shut and mine right after. As my door decided to once again creak open slightly, I ran through it and back in to my mothers arms. She told me to ask Jesus to come and claim the house next time it happened. The next night, they came again. I felt the cat and didn't move. The door creaked open followed by my brothers and I turned my fear into anger. I screamed as loud as possible, " This is Gods house! In the name of Jesus Christ, leave this house and never come back!" All went silent and my door didn't move. The invisible cat was gone and my room felt safe. I'm now seventeen and strong in my faith and I believe that was a huge turning point that helped me to understand the real realm that exists outside of our sights. I was never bothered again.
  • A really creepy show where I have to remind myself that this is Hollywood's version of what happened

    I've really gotten hooked on this series. I do keep reminding myself that this is Hollywood's version of the events that happened. I personally have never experienced such events but my sister has. A few months ago she was cleaning a house where the wife had "disappeared." The husband had quickly sold the house and moved to another state after his wife disappearance. My sister felt a presence there. She talked with the presence and a feeling overcame her that the wife had been killed and was buried in the back yard. She asked me if she was safe and what should she do. I told her that getting rid of ghosts was really simple. The cross is actually a demonic symbol. In the Dead Sea Scrolls, Satan uses a cross to threaten the Son of Man and told Him that he would use a cross to kill him. The cross is actually a murder weapon. The use of the cross comes from the false notion that salvation comes through the cross. Spirits have only two of the five senses, sight and hearing. They can not smell so sage is useless. And a circle of salt? Get real! It tastes great on french frys! If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to explain how simple it is to rid a haunting.
  • Most are better than some.

    This show is largely known to be "real", but hundreds doubt that it is non-fictional. The way the producers set it to be is not like real-life, most are set up in a way that would be "un-real", most of it coming from the pure thought of "ghosts" haunting a family.

    Each show is set up like all others; you are introduced to a family, which probably recently moved, and then you see how it's usually one (or a few) family members that are targeted - and no one believes them. However, at the end, it is "too late", and they must preform an exorcism to rid of the spirit, whether it is good or evil.

    The devil - or a sign of evil - is frequently designed into the storyline to add it's "scary effect", which may turn some people away due to it's "witch-ish" effect toward most people who believe in God and stray from evil.

    Therefore, I rate it an 8.1, as the fearful factor may be high - it's originality factor is low.
  • Very creepy show dealing with ghosts.

    This is one of my all time favorite shows on television. Now, it's hard to find shows that are centered around the supernatural, so this is one of the reasons I love the show. The other is that every single episode (that's right, every episode) never fails to send a chill up my spine. When I watch the show, I usually sink down in my seat, as, to me, some moments are very intense. What's interesting to me is how these ghosts or poltergeists affect the people. Also, some of the stories are very cool, like the ones dealing with exorcisims. Overall, this great show deserves a 10. If I could, I would probably rate it higher.
  • This show is about people in real life showing others about how they interacted or came across with a spirit which is mostly evil this show has possession, conjuring, and so much more.

    This show was so scary I had really bad nightmares I kept my
    finger on the last button every second This is a horrible show and I would not recommend it to anyone who does not want to be scarred to death this show features horrible and scenes that are too much for a human to view I was so scared I closed my eyes to come up with a code to lock it so that I could never see it again. It is The scariest show I have ever seen and probably would be for everyone else please do not watch this show is based on true events and takes nights to get over I wish I never even saw that and to kids who have or plan to watch this show please stick with Disney channel, and Nickelodeon this is not for kids.

    and to parents please block this show for your kids it is on channel 47.

    thank you! and that was only a suggestion because if you watch it you will regret it like I have. When you first see it you will not be able to change the channel it is so addicting it is like cigarettes.
  • This is one of the best haunting shows I have ever watched. I like things like ghosthunters but "A Haunting" really tells the whole story. I just wish I could be home to watch it.

    This show really makes you jump right out of your seat without seeing alot of gore. A good old vashioned haunting is great. I would recommend this show to anyone. Like I said I wish it was on say at 8:00 P.M. where I live. I think my favorite one was the two hour A Haunting in Conneticut. That one was really scary. I would like to see more of the two hour shows. I think I lived in a haunted house once but nothing went on like what happens to the people on the show. I think it would be great if they would go back and do a follow up on some of these houses. Like the house in A Haunting in Conneticut.
  • Seeing ghosts be recreated isn't as interesting as experiencing a live one,but-

    A Haunting has a way of making the ghostly experiences these families go through seem very REAL. What I'll never understand, for the life of me is why a lot of the people stay. If a ghost is scratching me, ruining my property of harassing me-I'm not staying around to fight it. What I also find interesting is that ghosts never seem to visit black houses. There was one episode where a Hispanic family had an encounter, though. I guess ghosts can discriminate in the afterlife, too. Anyway-Haunting is a pretty good show. It's good to watch in case your family encounters a 'nother world being.
  • Finally, a TV show on the paranormal that isn't staged.

    The mere fact that I taped all episodes to VHS cassette tapes shows my (high) degree of interest. This show is awesome and proves that evil is real. I hope they continue to make more and more episodes...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....there we go. I didn't plan on writing a thesis, but this thing needed a minimal of 100 words.
  • Good, can shorten the short clips in between or better yet do without.

    Before and after a commercial when they show the short clips to try and build suspence. I beleive the show can definitely do without it. My friend and I both beleive that. Other than that we really love the show and watch it daily, but the short clips before the commercial has got to go. The scream withing the short clips can stop too. It's not scary at all, but other than the short clips the show is very captivating. It catches my attention and my friends attention greatly. So Good job with the show thanks. Really good job. yeah!
  • Great show

    This show is based on people who have experienced alleged hauntings in either their home or some place that they have lived. Many of the epiosdes are acttually quite scary and most of them have actors that do a good job of portraying the family who got involved in this. As with most shows on the Discovery Channel, this is another top-notch program. The actors can either make or break an episode as evidenced in some of the newer ones. Overall, while I generally don't watch these types of shows, A Haunting is one show that grabbed my attention and hasn't let go. Awesome show 9/10
  • In a class of it's own

    A Haunting is by far the best paranormal program on television. If you need more substance than orbs and the occasional E.V.P., as seen on the other programs like "Ghost Hunters"and "Paranormal State" this is the program for you. Every single episode is the true account of an actual haunting or demon infestation, in the form of a documentary supported by the actual victims. Each episode is the recreation of the actual events that have taken place over time, sometimes these people that a long time to get hint of (get out). If this program doesn't convince you, there is something to the paranormal nothing will.
  • Patiently awaiting any news of a Season 5

    I am a HUGE skeptic in claims of paranormal activity, although I do believe in it it's extremely common for people to create things in their head and believe they are real when there is a perfectly good explanation for them, in other words it's either a false claim for attention, an exaggeration or your mind playing with you. This is why I'm a devoted 'Ghost Hunters' snob - I tend to snub other paranormal T.V. shows because no one (so far) can live up to how amazing GH is. :) I'm not entirely sure how real all of the stories are on this program ('A Haunting') but without a doubt it's my guilty daytime pleasure. I could do without some of the effects, because it's quite obvious that they're very Hollywood which I think takes away from the story but either way I just love this show. For whatever reasons I can't put my finger on. I'm sick of the constant reruns though, so I am patiently awaiting any news of a Season 5.
  • This is a great show!

    I have enjoyed A Haunting for the last year and a half. If I watch too many in a week I actually start dreaming about this show or that show! Sometime's I just dream about ghosts in general!
    I sit riveted to the TV watching as the stories unfold. There is no guessing the endings either! It's suspensful, scary, and sometimes down right terrifying!
    If you are looking for a show to scare you half to death, make you think about what happens after we die or just want to see what the hype is all about then I suggest you tune into this show!
  • Neat Show

    I really enjoy this show. I definitely believe in the paranormal, and this show keeps me on my toes. I especially enjoy hearing the accounts from the actual persons who were effected by the hauntings. I do wish more Actual photos and actual locations were used though. I am also curious to know if any follow ups have taken place for anuy of the locations, since most of the hauntings happened several years ago. overall it is one of my families favorite shows and we look forward to new episodes whenever they are available.
    please keep up the good work and we will continue to watch.
  • This is a show that reflects people's terrifying experiences with the paranormal.

    This is a great show, that i take time out of my day to watch. I wish i could E-Mail the shows creator to talk to him about something. In "hungry ghosts" or something that has to do with hungry spirits, I had something that happened to me that was very similar to the young girl in the show. Is there any way I could come in contact with the author of this show or something? If so, i would like to know that as soon as possible. I am running out of words to use to get this review published. Okay, 100 words. Thanks you!
  • I know this show could be a little better

    This is a great show. I try to catch every one, but for some reason it comes on at eleven in the morning, and i have a job. I just wish that they would cut in film clips from the ghost hunters that were sent before this show was called. You know the family has the tape or DVD if they had called them in. I know i would still have it, and most ghost hunters burn a copy of the evidence for you if they catch something.It would make this show great show more realistic and more fun to watch.
  • SO MUCH of what happen's "On this show Happen's here"! The Confusion of what next,and trying to Prove it,being HAPPY ur not nut's!Then feeling "Guilty" about "being Happy" The Family finally Seen/Heard/Felt it? Which did'nt take us long?

    A Haunting Is Amazingly Accurate!!
    I CAN relate to ALL of the Actor's when they are "Wondering if they heard/seen/felt that?
    And then discovering "Yes",without a Doubt I did,NOW HOW do I Handle it?
    My Home,has been Ceritifiably "Haunted with a Porthole" by a team of Paranormal Investigator's.
    Pic's,Video's they gave me have Amazing thing's in them.
    It IS too blatant to "NOT" recognise,and yet "Sometime's" SO Subtlle you sometime's wonder "WHAT WAS THAT? AM I going Crazy? I asked my Father-In-Law (the 1 that we got the Home from) IS ANYONE In The Home? He said "Absolutly Yes",5-9 that he knew of? He asked me have I seen them,do they Touch me,and talk to me? I responded "From the 1st nite I Moved in I have been dealing with this!
    I worked at 911,and My Husband was in Law Enforcement.But Neither of US was able to continue with Our Job's,since moving here? He did Job his for 13 Year's and Loved it,I had just begun for only a Few month's.
    Thing's such as Pennie's,dont fall from the ceiling,or get up and spin on their own ,Bible tape's DONT get strewn all over the room with No-One there? Shadow's DONT go across the Room at nite with no-one making them,People DONT enter the Back door when people are Not there? Right?
    But here they ALL happen.
    People dont call Our Name's when no-one is here but us,YET they SOUND JUST like us? People are not JUST Angry for no reason,But here they are?
    Babies are heard crying,YET I dont have a Baby.
    G-Babies DONT visit and at age 2 Month's. get wrapped in Cover's so tight,as you turn your back,that YOU can't get them out!But here it did. Spirit's here do it ALL to us ALL the time!
    I have been Physically Pulled out of bed,as my Husband had to hold Onto me,to keep the Spirit's(a Confederate) from taking me "Only God KNOW's where"? I am 44 & NEVER have sleepwalked,BUT I did here,to go Outside,and HAVE a Phyical Confrontation with a Confederate Man, that HAS been caught on Film.
    Sleep Peralisis & Bad dream's are a Constant.
    I am a Christian,and as a Christian,this does NOT fit in with my belief's,BUT here I am. Confused,Lonely,afraid,and knowing they can do what-ever they want SCARE'S me to death DAILY!I am living the Show "A Haunting" Yet,I can NOT get my Husband to leave THIS "Family Farm Hell-House"!
    I INTENSLY (with worry)watch EVERYONE that visit's,they have been touched,got Sick,Got Confused and can't find their way Out of a Room that they just walked into,Family hardly Never Visit's.I seen my Niece wave at a Man,she was around 3 yrs. of age,and then say,He is'nt nice?
    Yet there is no one here that she described?
    I Live in the Country,the Man would have been seen by Me,their Mom,or My mom? Who are they waving at,and WHO is my G-daughter trying to follow away from my home,and what 2 Girl's are my G-son Playing with? He is 4 yrs. old,and has described them,around 1900 Era, the Psycic that came,has described 1 of the girl Spirit's exactly like My Grandson did.
    She say's she drowned in a stream behind Our House,on the Property.
    It for sure made it MORE real when the Ghosthunter's came Out and Confirmed it.It's 1 thing to wonder,another to KNOW!When they say "Yes Your Haunted",Then you dont know too either Cry, or be Happy, because you KNOW NOW you are NOT Losing it,You are "What you thougt". We Are Haunted!
    The Pic's, & DVD's they got,and gave us, was so Unusal to see/hear and Verifies, it REALLY IS Un-Earthly Spirit's & Voices In Our Home.
    This Story started 13 Year's,ago and it STILL seem's like a Dream to me?
    I Have called the Preacher's Out,But 1 came and Prayed over the House a Little,then said O.K.
    He Left and then when I called back and said It's did'nt work,HE WOULD NOT come back! He said he would do it over the Phone?
    Another said "He would think on it".Yet I have heard nothing else out of him?
    They Ceritied I AM HAUNTED,and then said with a Porthole,It can never be closed,& We will have this to live with Spirit's/Ghost from NOW on & For-ever,till THEY dicide to leave? They have caused Sickness,Fight's,Touching us,Talking to us,Paralyzed.I HAVE the Proof to back up ecerything I say.
    So do I watch "A Haunting"? You Bet,Maybe 1 day,someone will have an Answer that will work for me?
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