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  • great show.

    now here's a documentary show that's scary. this show is just as scary as any horror show but it's also a documentary, now that's really scary. it's creepy, but it's a very entertaining show to watch. it features stuff that you might find in a horror show, but you see it here. the producers did a good job with this one. the stories are based a real life accounts of hauntings, and combined with some special effects adds to the creepiness of the subject. this show is a must see each week, it's really entertaining. each episode is a real treat.
  • A Decent Haunting Recreation Series

    "A Haunting" actually started out as two separate Made-for-TV movie documentaries, but they must have been successes because DISCOVERY has made the movies into a regular series. For some reason, the show seems to have focused on cases that have invoked terror in the living and which involve or require exorcisms in stead of conventional peaceful hauntings which are so much more common. Even the series "Haunted Lives" proved there were good and bad ghosts while "Unsolved Mysteries" ran segments on peaceful ghosts. The episodes so far seem faithful, but some of the sets appear reused; it's hard to tell if they return to the actual locations. Using a combination of recreations and witness testimony, the series seems stuck on the pretext that spirits are always harmful, but as any true student of the subject will tell you, that is not typical. "A Haunting" is actually formulaic in its story-telling, but it will scare you if all you want is a good fright.
  • Season three was a bit of a disappointment but the problems are easily fixable.

    I've been a fan of A Haunting since the start, but season 3 has been a disappointment. There are a few problems that I hope the producers will remedy before season four gets underway. They're all simple and do not require reinventing the wheel:
    -No more exorcisms. Almost every episode now seems to end with a priest performing one on a possessed house or person. It's not scary anymore; it's boring and predictable. How about more people fleeing from their homes in complete terror, screaming at the top of their lungs vowing never to return? How about more stories like the episode about the country music bar in Kentucky where the people stay and just put up with the ghosts? Anything but ANOTHER exocism.
    -Cut out the quick edit montages. These turn up during the big climax, often during an exorcism scene. All the scary images from earlier in the show are edited together quickly to show us all the horror that has built up to this point. They may be showy and get somebody an Emmy nomination, but they aren't scary at all. Instead, it feels like someone's trying to prop up a boring ending with flashy editing. Let it rest. The best moments on this show have always been the ones where the camera lingers, following someone down a long hall, not knowing what's going to pop out of the door just ahead.
    -Tie up loose ends. Every episode seems to have one big plot point that never gets resolved. I'll give you the worst example: a couple moves out of their house because its too haunted to live in. The grouchy mother of one of them shows up, says to h**l with their ghost stories; she's moving in anyway. Later, they go back to rescue her but she's gone. Did she flee in the middle of the night in terror? Is she dead in the back yard? We are never told, despite the fact that the episode made a big deal about her moving in. We shouldn't be left yelling at the screen SO WHAT HAPPENED? If nothing else, just resolve the dangling plot points during the closing narration. Every episode seems to have one of these questions, sometimes several. Please don't leave us hanging.
  • Ok a family moves into a home unaware of what went on in it. After a few horrific ghostly encounters they ask a neighbor what went on in the house. It turns out satan worshipers lived there and they've opened a door to hell in the house.

    Ok I love this show despite the fact that it creeps me out and that all this stuff actually happened to actual people. I have one suggestion if you want to see this episode Don't watch it at 9:00 at night. This one is really creepy. Especially the entire satanists used live in the and they opened a door to hell. This I think has to be the scariest I've seen so far. I was so scared I couldnt stop watching it. What dont watch this show or episode at night you won't be able to sleep for a while.
  • its getting harder and harder to belive that that stuff is real and its the same story every time ☺

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  • It's unbelieveable...

    Right now I am watching an episode about a lady being possessed. The episode is called The Possessed. It is kind of hard to believe, because how do they tape all of this stuff as it is happening? Do you see what I mean? I need someone else to leave a review answering my question please. It is very important. The episode is showing all this bad stuff that is happening to some lady, and how she is having an Exorcism right now. I really do not know if I believe in it. I try my best to, but for people to just tape it right off the bat, it is confusing me. But this show is very real and interesting. I think it is a great way to learn. Thanks for making this show people! I LOVE IT. ♥
  • I LOVE this show!!

    a haunting is a really great show!! Its pretty spooky but thats why I love it!! I mean I dont if the things in the show reallly happened but who cares its still fun to watch! They need to make some new episodes though. This show creeps me out sometimes espeacially at night talk about scary!! Anyways I just can't get enough of this show I would watch it everyday if came on everyday that is. sadly it doesnt =[. I wonder if any of these stories actaullly happend?? If so I fel sorry for those peoeple.But like I said great show, love it.
  • i wish i lived in a haunted house.

    i like this show because i like haunted houses. i always dreamed of living in a haunted house and wonder if my house is haunted. i wish it were cause then an episode could be made at my house! it's sad how some people don't believe in ghosts and ignore people's warnings. but they come around and feel the pain. ghosts and demons are extremly powerful. the can possese your house, body, and make your car run into a tree. after watching this show i decided i want to take a career in haunted house investigation. if i'm good enough i can probably find a really bad haunted house and have an episode made of it.
  • Personal favorite

    I think this is a great show. Rather you think the stories are true or not is all up to you. But I really enjoy all the stories and recreating of what happened. I can watch this show all day and nights. Not a scary show atleast not to me. For some reason this show doesn't scare me but Unsolved Mysteries does. Anyhow great show and would recommend it to anyone who likes ghost/spirit stories or like shows that deal with paranormal phenomena. But not to be offensive I just don't think this show belongs of the Discovery channel I mean their is nothing scientific or educational about.
  • A haunting is awesome!!!

    A haunting is just great I mean This show is so scary and this is the most scariest show and believe me you must watch this I you r a courageous person. All the actors r fantastic and they do such a job that it makes u to believe on the story. I is a nice medium of entertainment and the whole family can watch it together and can have fun. All the seasons r good. All my friends watch this show with a great exitement. We (my friends and me) newer miss any episode of a haunting but I can't remember any episode of a haunting and thats the problem of memory bcoz the story of all the episodes r similar to some extent. You must watch this!!! You must watch this!!! You must watch this!!!
  • The first time I watched this episode I feel in love with it. Everyday when it was on I was glued to the tv weatching it. I would stock up all my snacks and drinks and wouldn't move from my chair until the episode was over.

    The first time I watched A Haunting on the discovery channel I absoultely feel in love with it. Everyday I would be glued to the television waiting for the program to begin making sure that all my drinks were filled and snacks were readily able to get to just so I wouldn't miss any part of the episode. When I went to go put it on it wasn't listed as being on this week I was so disappointed that I couldn't find when it would be on again. Please put it back on the air I miss watching it. Please let me know the days and times so I can begin watching it again. Thank you Sandy ssorenson4665@yahoo.com
  • One of my all time fav.!

    i watch this show all the time, like every day, hehe. But what can you say, i'm really into the whole paranormal stuff, plus it's been like 94% of life (thank god for the move, at least that helped a little). But my mom and older sis and i always watch this, and we get soo hooked into it, were always like 'is there a haunting on today?' so it's really cool, i'd recommend it to anyone who loves a good ghost story, muahh!
  • A Haunting

    I have been one who love thing that can give you a scare. Things like this are always makes you feel your in the room. I have seen old houses that are dark doomy. They have a musty smell. I have been in a old house where as I was a child and could not understand why a room was so cold and then in other rooms it was mild. It was creepy but then when your a child you have no idea what it means. I like to Explore but have not done alot of it. When your in a old house and you feel things there are reason to why it is Hunted
  • A creepy show that gives you something to believe in with excellent cinematography thrown into the punch.

    I like this show because it is something that people can relate to. I assume that's because it is based on real life accounts, but most people DO find themselves buying a new home, or having problems with their kids. I also like this show because it is downright scary at times. Though the episodes are combined of re-enactments and interview snippets, the creepy cinematography looks very movie-like, but some of the situations in the show seem too movie-like to be real. Hey, I have an open mind. I believe that everything that this show portrays happened, because I am a believer in paranormal stuff like that. The actors are always very convincing and the stories, or "real life situations" are scary enough to make you think about your own home and who "else" might be living there with you. A good show that is worth the 40 minutes to an hour that you're watching it.
  • Seldom scared... the "A Haunting" series is a true nail-biter.

    I caught the show during my lunch break today and was immediately drawn in with the story-telling and overall production of the show. Great show...creepy music...awesome production. Casting was equally important and impressive. The combination of actual testimonials and story-telling validating everything sending chills down my spine. No joke...I promise you it did. Things I'd like to see... where's the backstory? In the episode I saw, participates where able to identify a "male presence" occupying the house. Knowing that, would have been nice to see production spending some time investigating past tenants in hopes to finding the "male presence" in the household.
  • I recemend this alot!

    if your looking for a show that talks about ghost, spirts, demons, and possestions thats also on discovery channle I'd say this show is right for you! not only will you be learning about ghost and stuff but also its like any orror show! it will make you jump! and then you will laugh for doing so! I just have to say I love the fact a brandon new episode comes on EVERY FRIDAY! all I have to say is its the only show thats good for learning I like! really go check it out discovery channel every day 2/ 1 central!
  • I investigate apparitions/apparition sites & I find this show to be THE best show on television. Kudos, Discovery Channel. Note that through all testimonies, usually 2 types of entities emerge; human & demonic. Take heed & the next step. Link with Jesus.

    Our sight & minds are usually tuned to a frequency scientists named beta. If we could see on different waves (much like dialing on to different frequency waves of a radio) we'd see all kinds of life in the very same area! Now, find out about REAL reality & check out some apparition sites. Start with typing 'Zeitoun, Egypt' in you tool bar. Eyewitness testimony by thousands can't be wrong. Then read about Fatima, Spain. Garabandal Spain. Lourdes, France. Bayside, New York. Medjugorje, Yugoslavia & there's many more. Free your mind & soul. Read, learn & grow. Glean from these things what you need to return to your Heavenly Father for the love He longs to fulfill you with. God Bless us all!
  • SO MUCH of what happen's "On this show Happen's here"! The Confusion of what next,and trying to Prove it,being HAPPY ur not nut's!Then feeling "Guilty" about "being Happy" The Family finally Seen/Heard/Felt it? Which did'nt take us long?

    A Haunting Is Amazingly Accurate!!
    I CAN relate to ALL of the Actor's when they are "Wondering if they heard/seen/felt that?
    And then discovering "Yes",without a Doubt I did,NOW HOW do I Handle it?
    My Home,has been Ceritifiably "Haunted with a Porthole" by a team of Paranormal Investigator's.
    Pic's,Video's they gave me have Amazing thing's in them.
    It IS too blatant to "NOT" recognise,and yet "Sometime's" SO Subtlle you sometime's wonder "WHAT WAS THAT? AM I going Crazy? I asked my Father-In-Law (the 1 that we got the Home from) IS ANYONE In The Home? He said "Absolutly Yes",5-9 that he knew of? He asked me have I seen them,do they Touch me,and talk to me? I responded "From the 1st nite I Moved in I have been dealing with this!
    I worked at 911,and My Husband was in Law Enforcement.But Neither of US was able to continue with Our Job's,since moving here? He did Job his for 13 Year's and Loved it,I had just begun for only a Few month's.
    Thing's such as Pennie's,dont fall from the ceiling,or get up and spin on their own ,Bible tape's DONT get strewn all over the room with No-One there? Shadow's DONT go across the Room at nite with no-one making them,People DONT enter the Back door when people are Not there? Right?
    But here they ALL happen.
    People dont call Our Name's when no-one is here but us,YET they SOUND JUST like us? People are not JUST Angry for no reason,But here they are?
    Babies are heard crying,YET I dont have a Baby.
    G-Babies DONT visit and at age 2 Month's. get wrapped in Cover's so tight,as you turn your back,that YOU can't get them out!But here it did. Spirit's here do it ALL to us ALL the time!
    I have been Physically Pulled out of bed,as my Husband had to hold Onto me,to keep the Spirit's(a Confederate) from taking me "Only God KNOW's where"? I am 44 & NEVER have sleepwalked,BUT I did here,to go Outside,and HAVE a Phyical Confrontation with a Confederate Man, that HAS been caught on Film.
    Sleep Peralisis & Bad dream's are a Constant.
    I am a Christian,and as a Christian,this does NOT fit in with my belief's,BUT here I am. Confused,Lonely,afraid,and knowing they can do what-ever they want SCARE'S me to death DAILY!I am living the Show "A Haunting" Yet,I can NOT get my Husband to leave THIS "Family Farm Hell-House"!
    I INTENSLY (with worry)watch EVERYONE that visit's,they have been touched,got Sick,Got Confused and can't find their way Out of a Room that they just walked into,Family hardly Never Visit's.I seen my Niece wave at a Man,she was around 3 yrs. of age,and then say,He is'nt nice?
    Yet there is no one here that she described?
    I Live in the Country,the Man would have been seen by Me,their Mom,or My mom? Who are they waving at,and WHO is my G-daughter trying to follow away from my home,and what 2 Girl's are my G-son Playing with? He is 4 yrs. old,and has described them,around 1900 Era, the Psycic that came,has described 1 of the girl Spirit's exactly like My Grandson did.
    She say's she drowned in a stream behind Our House,on the Property.
    It for sure made it MORE real when the Ghosthunter's came Out and Confirmed it.It's 1 thing to wonder,another to KNOW!When they say "Yes Your Haunted",Then you dont know too either Cry, or be Happy, because you KNOW NOW you are NOT Losing it,You are "What you thougt". We Are Haunted!
    The Pic's, & DVD's they got,and gave us, was so Unusal to see/hear and Verifies, it REALLY IS Un-Earthly Spirit's & Voices In Our Home.
    This Story started 13 Year's,ago and it STILL seem's like a Dream to me?
    I Have called the Preacher's Out,But 1 came and Prayed over the House a Little,then said O.K.
    He Left and then when I called back and said It's did'nt work,HE WOULD NOT come back! He said he would do it over the Phone?
    Another said "He would think on it".Yet I have heard nothing else out of him?
    They Ceritied I AM HAUNTED,and then said with a Porthole,It can never be closed,& We will have this to live with Spirit's/Ghost from NOW on & For-ever,till THEY dicide to leave? They have caused Sickness,Fight's,Touching us,Talking to us,Paralyzed.I HAVE the Proof to back up ecerything I say.
    So do I watch "A Haunting"? You Bet,Maybe 1 day,someone will have an Answer that will work for me?
  • I know this show could be a little better

    This is a great show. I try to catch every one, but for some reason it comes on at eleven in the morning, and i have a job. I just wish that they would cut in film clips from the ghost hunters that were sent before this show was called. You know the family has the tape or DVD if they had called them in. I know i would still have it, and most ghost hunters burn a copy of the evidence for you if they catch something.It would make this show great show more realistic and more fun to watch.
  • This is a show that reflects people's terrifying experiences with the paranormal.

    This is a great show, that i take time out of my day to watch. I wish i could E-Mail the shows creator to talk to him about something. In "hungry ghosts" or something that has to do with hungry spirits, I had something that happened to me that was very similar to the young girl in the show. Is there any way I could come in contact with the author of this show or something? If so, i would like to know that as soon as possible. I am running out of words to use to get this review published. Okay, 100 words. Thanks you!
  • Neat Show

    I really enjoy this show. I definitely believe in the paranormal, and this show keeps me on my toes. I especially enjoy hearing the accounts from the actual persons who were effected by the hauntings. I do wish more Actual photos and actual locations were used though. I am also curious to know if any follow ups have taken place for anuy of the locations, since most of the hauntings happened several years ago. overall it is one of my families favorite shows and we look forward to new episodes whenever they are available.
    please keep up the good work and we will continue to watch.
  • This is a great show!

    I have enjoyed A Haunting for the last year and a half. If I watch too many in a week I actually start dreaming about this show or that show! Sometime's I just dream about ghosts in general!
    I sit riveted to the TV watching as the stories unfold. There is no guessing the endings either! It's suspensful, scary, and sometimes down right terrifying!
    If you are looking for a show to scare you half to death, make you think about what happens after we die or just want to see what the hype is all about then I suggest you tune into this show!
  • Patiently awaiting any news of a Season 5

    I am a HUGE skeptic in claims of paranormal activity, although I do believe in it it's extremely common for people to create things in their head and believe they are real when there is a perfectly good explanation for them, in other words it's either a false claim for attention, an exaggeration or your mind playing with you. This is why I'm a devoted 'Ghost Hunters' snob - I tend to snub other paranormal T.V. shows because no one (so far) can live up to how amazing GH is. :) I'm not entirely sure how real all of the stories are on this program ('A Haunting') but without a doubt it's my guilty daytime pleasure. I could do without some of the effects, because it's quite obvious that they're very Hollywood which I think takes away from the story but either way I just love this show. For whatever reasons I can't put my finger on. I'm sick of the constant reruns though, so I am patiently awaiting any news of a Season 5.
  • In a class of it's own

    A Haunting is by far the best paranormal program on television. If you need more substance than orbs and the occasional E.V.P., as seen on the other programs like "Ghost Hunters"and "Paranormal State" this is the program for you. Every single episode is the true account of an actual haunting or demon infestation, in the form of a documentary supported by the actual victims. Each episode is the recreation of the actual events that have taken place over time, sometimes these people that a long time to get hint of (get out). If this program doesn't convince you, there is something to the paranormal nothing will.
  • Great show

    This show is based on people who have experienced alleged hauntings in either their home or some place that they have lived. Many of the epiosdes are acttually quite scary and most of them have actors that do a good job of portraying the family who got involved in this. As with most shows on the Discovery Channel, this is another top-notch program. The actors can either make or break an episode as evidenced in some of the newer ones. Overall, while I generally don't watch these types of shows, A Haunting is one show that grabbed my attention and hasn't let go. Awesome show 9/10
  • Good, can shorten the short clips in between or better yet do without.

    Before and after a commercial when they show the short clips to try and build suspence. I beleive the show can definitely do without it. My friend and I both beleive that. Other than that we really love the show and watch it daily, but the short clips before the commercial has got to go. The scream withing the short clips can stop too. It's not scary at all, but other than the short clips the show is very captivating. It catches my attention and my friends attention greatly. So Good job with the show thanks. Really good job. yeah!
  • Finally, a TV show on the paranormal that isn't staged.

    The mere fact that I taped all episodes to VHS cassette tapes shows my (high) degree of interest. This show is awesome and proves that evil is real. I hope they continue to make more and more episodes...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....there we go. I didn't plan on writing a thesis, but this thing needed a minimal of 100 words.
  • Seeing ghosts be recreated isn't as interesting as experiencing a live one,but-

    A Haunting has a way of making the ghostly experiences these families go through seem very REAL. What I'll never understand, for the life of me is why a lot of the people stay. If a ghost is scratching me, ruining my property of harassing me-I'm not staying around to fight it. What I also find interesting is that ghosts never seem to visit black houses. There was one episode where a Hispanic family had an encounter, though. I guess ghosts can discriminate in the afterlife, too. Anyway-Haunting is a pretty good show. It's good to watch in case your family encounters a 'nother world being.
  • This is one of the best haunting shows I have ever watched. I like things like ghosthunters but "A Haunting" really tells the whole story. I just wish I could be home to watch it.

    This show really makes you jump right out of your seat without seeing alot of gore. A good old vashioned haunting is great. I would recommend this show to anyone. Like I said I wish it was on say at 8:00 P.M. where I live. I think my favorite one was the two hour A Haunting in Conneticut. That one was really scary. I would like to see more of the two hour shows. I think I lived in a haunted house once but nothing went on like what happens to the people on the show. I think it would be great if they would go back and do a follow up on some of these houses. Like the house in A Haunting in Conneticut.
  • This show is about people in real life showing others about how they interacted or came across with a spirit which is mostly evil this show has possession, conjuring, and so much more.

    This show was so scary I had really bad nightmares I kept my
    finger on the last button every second This is a horrible show and I would not recommend it to anyone who does not want to be scarred to death this show features horrible and scenes that are too much for a human to view I was so scared I closed my eyes to come up with a code to lock it so that I could never see it again. It is The scariest show I have ever seen and probably would be for everyone else please do not watch this show is based on true events and takes nights to get over I wish I never even saw that and to kids who have or plan to watch this show please stick with Disney channel, and Nickelodeon this is not for kids.

    and to parents please block this show for your kids it is on channel 47.

    thank you! and that was only a suggestion because if you watch it you will regret it like I have. When you first see it you will not be able to change the channel it is so addicting it is like cigarettes.
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