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  • This show is about people in real life showing others about how they interacted or came across with a spirit which is mostly evil this show has possession, conjuring, and so much more.

    This show was so scary I had really bad nightmares I kept my
    finger on the last button every second This is a horrible show and I would not recommend it to anyone who does not want to be scarred to death this show features horrible and scenes that are too much for a human to view I was so scared I closed my eyes to come up with a code to lock it so that I could never see it again. It is The scariest show I have ever seen and probably would be for everyone else please do not watch this show is based on true events and takes nights to get over I wish I never even saw that and to kids who have or plan to watch this show please stick with Disney channel, and Nickelodeon this is not for kids.

    and to parents please block this show for your kids it is on channel 47.

    thank you! and that was only a suggestion because if you watch it you will regret it like I have. When you first see it you will not be able to change the channel it is so addicting it is like cigarettes.
  • this show was awesome.

    when i first saw this episode i was seeing the whole earth as if i walked in another dimension from my home (apartment) to a realm that showed ghosts and the undead alive like watching high definition. a haunting was the only show that ever showed me that what lurks out there in the big world besides all of the stuff you normally see in your past lives. after this showed me enough i finally get to understand the supernatural and it's evil. i also get to understand that your fantasy life in the show won't come true.instead the ghosts will haunt till you do an exorcism.
    grade point average:A++
  • A Haunting episode on today about a woman who's child was possessed by a man who they called "MAN" The mother told the story and she of course was the hero. She made the entity attack her in MONSTER form and then made him leave by blowing some smoke! Ha.

    I have to say, this episode was an insult to anyone's intelligence. It was almost stupid and definitely laughable. I think some people just make up this stuff. I do like the show and do believe that there are unexplained things out there for sure. But this one was just not believable. To me any entity that is strong enough to show themselves in a REAL MONSTER form would not be expelled from the home just by a bunch of smoke and ranting "Leave my House" Maybe producers should give the public a little more credit that they are not so naive. This one was just plain unbelievable.
  • Abused case in Austin, Texas.

    I have heard that a woman got abused by a ghost in Austin, Texas. Yes, she got abused by a basta.. ghost for real.

    Of course they have called the priest to chase off the ghost, but 9 month after the incident she got a baby...

    I don't know what happened next but I don't wanna know, I thik I'm gonna just go to the church and prey, prey, prey, prey and prey...!

    May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !
    May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !May God help us !
  • If it weren't for the terrible acting the score would have been lower.

    A Haunting is One Hundered Percent fake from start to finish. This show is so pathetic and terrbilly written it's funny. The expressions and special effects are just sad. It doesn't take an idiot to realize this show is fake. For all of you haunting wannabies: there are no such things as ghosts, only demons. If you think your house is haunted, you're either paranoid, or you're seriously screwed up in the head. None of the episodes are even scary, it seems as if the writers didn't even try. Instead of scaring me, this show just makes me laugh. And I'm sure that's not their intention. If it weren't for the terrible acting the score would have been even lower.
  • Most of the time I like A Haunting, I usually watch it in bed with the lights turned off to create some atmosphere!

    Most of the time I like A Haunting, I usually watch it in bed with the light turned off to create some atmosphere! Normally the actors and actually involved people sound alike - as if they're from the same area or they're good at accents. Sometimes the acting is rather dubious or unrealistic.
    Last night the episode was called "The Wheatsheaf Horror" and was based on a pub in West Boldon, South Tyneside (I live in North Tyneside and used to teach in Boldon, I've also had a drink in that pub). Anyway to cut a long story short the accents were appalling - the actors had English accents worse than Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Instead of attempting the accent they seemed to try to sound like upper class twits - Monty Python style - and failed that! The story in itself was fascinating but the silly accents detracted from the programme and ruined the ambience.
  • At the name of Jesus demons tremble

    A Haunting is the best show on Destination America

    I always look forward to your A Haunting episodes. I've watched them all repeatedly. I know them by heart. Yrs ago I've gone thru terrifying experiences with evil spirits & I really didn't know how to get rid of them. I was so scared back then & I was a Christian, but I was what you call a baby Christian. I didn't know that much about the Bible. But I'm telling you when you experience something like this, it makes you a strong believer. Just from reading a few comments below makes me think these few people really haven't been scared enough to call on God or they're just allowing evil spirits to deceive them. Some people like the devil. It's weird.

    Years ago, I was too embarrassed to ask for help. When my family & I were being tormented there weren't any paranormal TV shows. I wish there was. I asked somebody from our church, a friend, if there were real demons & she said "Oh, yes!" But, she didn't tell me how to get rid of them & I didn't ask. At first I think it was too much for my heart to handle. I mean I was terrified when I heard this whisper in the room with me & my little girl. But that happened, after we all had heard this powerful breathing coming from outside our windows in the summertime. I mean it had to fly from one window to the other making this loud breathing sound. There are no lungs on this earth powerful enough to make that kind of sound. Before it happened, me & the kids were starting to watch a movie on TV & I heard a noise at the front door. I went to look, but nothing was there. We watched the movie, then I went to my bedroom, while the kids were all settling down to go to bed. Then I heard my oldest daughter call for me. She said "Mom! Something's outside our house. Listen!" I said "Oh, it's I just shrugged it off. But she said "No, Mom come here! Listen!" So, I started walking thru the kitchen & I could it hear it from there. I went to their bedroom & it was so loud I could not believe what I was hearing. We lived in the country & we had lights on every side of the house. I looked at the trees to see, if the leaves were blowing, but there was no wind. I pushed my face on the screen to look down on each side of the windows, and didn't see anyone hiding. I grabbed my little girl who was asleep near the window. I got all the kids into the middle bathroom. Turned off all the lights. Some had gotten utensils from the kitchen to defend us. They were terrified. But this sound was not from this world. I can tell you that right now. This was supernatural. It scared us so bad. So, I got my kids in the middle of the house in the bathroom, turned off all the lights, and I said "Come on, kids pray with me. The Bible says wherever there are 2 or more gathered together in His name, He will be there in the midst of And they all held hands & I led them in prayer. IMMEDIATELY it stopped!

    I'm telling anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus Christ, you are fooling yourself, if you don't think He's real. Even the demons believe & tremble! They know who He is.

    They took off, as soon as I said His name!

    James 2:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

    Memorize the Lord's Prayer. Part of it says He rescues us from demons.

    Matthew 6:13 And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER(RESCUE) US FROM EVIL: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

    By His authority, God has given all His children POWER over the enemy.

    Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

    20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, THAT THE SPIRITS ARE SUBJECT UNTO YOU; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.

  • The supposed actual victims who narrate between the re-enacting are just actors.


    The actual people narrating their experience between the reenactment phases can't be real and must be actors. One woman said she was 9 in 1972. No way was she that old. An elderly woman was speaking of her father, then the father was stating his experience and there wasn't a decade between them. Phony.

  • They are messing with fire...

    I am a Christian and believe that God does not want us to communicate with any being but Him. You have no idea what is on the other end of the interaction. This is why I don't like these shows. Fake or not they promote acknowledging spirits. There is evil out there. Doing this may open a door and invite trouble in. Why subject yourself to it unless absolutely necessary?

    Also, I suggest that those of you who bash Christianity do some open-minded reading and see for yourselves what Christianity really is. If I am wrong then that's fine. No harm done. If I am right then I will spend eternity with Jesus without evil and sin.
  • WTH!!

    they show Raymond bucklands book while talking about the dark arts? and then the necronomicon? they obviously don't do proper research!! Raymonds book is NOT about the dark arts!! GODS get a CLUE!!

    and as for the "Christians" umm, do you guys even read your own holy book? if you look, Jesus never had a problem with the Pagans, just his own people, the isrealites being rat bastards & not following Gods law.

    there is 1 spot where the bible talks about a "sorceress" which was later coined a "witch" , it's more or less a msitranslation of an idea. NOT what everyone thinks!

    umm, you do realise the Catholics butchered the bible on at least 2 occasions through out history that i know of? probably more. and King James? wow, he mangled it as well. so, really, you guys have no leg to stand on regarding witches/pagans.

    i rate this a 1, because Destination America's egregious lack of research!

    Funnell Vortex is correct, in all but 1 thing. this IS SO much Christian propeganda. however i do beleive evil exists and for lack of better frame of reference many call them demons.
  • I had a personal experience with "spirits" when I was younger and I wanted to share with you my story.

    When I was fourteen I had just started to get in to my Christian faith. God had changed my world. However, what I didn't know was that that time of molding and shaping me left me very vulnerable. I slept in a room alone in the second floor northeast corner of my house. It was all fine until about two weeks in to me sleeping in there. One night I was laying on my side about to crash out and I heard something very disturbing. I heard light breathing that sounded almost like wheezing. I started to get massive chills and really nervous. After only about a minute it went away. I laid wide-awake for a while then started to doze off again. When I started to shut my eyes and slip away into la-la land the breathing came back. This time, it was much, much louder. It sounded like a REAL person was breathing very heavily right in my ear. I got to a breaking point and sprinted out of the room and down the stairs to my mom crying my eyes out in fear. The next night I tried again to sleep there and it started soft so I ran again not looking back. Two days later I had moved into a different room. I loved it and for the first week nothing strange happened. One night when I was about to go to sleep I felt my cat at my feet so I reached down to get her and she wasn't there. I didn't really think anything of it until it happened again and I reached again and she still wasn't there. I started to get the chills again and heard a noise towards my door. I flipped over and stared at my door frozen. It moved a little and I couldn't move at all. The door then swung open and my brothers across the hall did the same. He wasn't there and his room was pitch black. Frozen, I stared into his room. His door then slammed shut and mine right after. As my door decided to once again creak open slightly, I ran through it and back in to my mothers arms. She told me to ask Jesus to come and claim the house next time it happened. The next night, they came again. I felt the cat and didn't move. The door creaked open followed by my brothers and I turned my fear into anger. I screamed as loud as possible, " This is Gods house! In the name of Jesus Christ, leave this house and never come back!" All went silent and my door didn't move. The invisible cat was gone and my room felt safe. I'm now seventeen and strong in my faith and I believe that was a huge turning point that helped me to understand the real realm that exists outside of our sights. I was never bothered again.
  • A haunting is the best, original and excellent narration make this a constant winner.

    this is the original go show and I still love it after seven seasons
  • New Format

    I am very pleased with the new format and the homage payed to the only real way to get help when encountering genuine paranormal hauntings. I am sure the secular world will complain, but the truth is the truth and all the secular howlings will not change that.
  • I LOVE this show!!

    a haunting is a really great show!! Its pretty spooky but thats why I love it!! I mean I dont if the things in the show reallly happened but who cares its still fun to watch! They need to make some new episodes though. This show creeps me out sometimes espeacially at night talk about scary!! Anyways I just can't get enough of this show I would watch it everyday if came on everyday that is. sadly it doesnt =[. I wonder if any of these stories actaullly happend?? If so I fel sorry for those peoeple.But like I said great show, love it.
  • Very dissapointed in a made-up episode....

    As many others have stated they have loved this show, until after so many questions. I too had to question an episode that was in fact faked. We live pretty close to this place and drove there and talked to the sons father. I'll leave it at that...

    Come to find out this particular episode was all made up, but the producers of the show believed this woman.
  • Lets be clear

    First, I am a devout Christian who has studied witchcraft, mysticism, and folklore for most of my life. Its some pretty cool stuff, and i don't have anything against anyone's religion except blatant Satanism and Scientology. Those suck balls. I used to love this show despite the fact that it clearly spruced things up for effect. If you compared what was described by the people to what was shown you would see a few inaccuracies but that was no big deal since i watched for entertainment. But this show has gone down the shitter. I depicts children as inept cowards even when there into their twenties and their depictions of a lot of their shit is woefully inaccurate. I fully believe in the power of God, but a lot of the things done on here are of questionable validity. Personally, i have practiced magic even while being Christian, but then i stopped because it actually did create problems i my life. I honestly think it worked at least to some degree because anytime i ever chanted to find something i did. That being said, i stopped my practice and reaffirmed my faith in the Lord and his teachings. I dislike this show because it is an unrealistic depiction of human behavior,it has shown Catholic prayer working in Atheistic or Agnostic families, and uses testimony, often from alleged psychics, that is clearly made up to any observer. I did enjoy this show and i don't have a problem with most religions, but even we Christians who acknowledge the might of the Lord must recognize that this show is crap on a cracker and blatant couldn't finish any of the new episodes because they were so terrible. They make vague references to gods demons and spirits but only in loose terms that don't further viewers knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Bad show.

    Lets clarify; I DO believe in ghosts, but this show is end to end bullshit.

    This whole show is clearly religious propaganda, where Jesus is the answer to everything, 99% of the time. Why else would the majority of the episodes be set in the south? lol.

    But seriously, it is pure scripted religious propaganda. Always with the Christian demons that were released by satanic rituals or bad acts (or a ghost of someone that is considered bad by Christian standards) haunting a christian family and having Jesus come save the day (how predictable).

    I also don't like how it misleads people about ghosts and spirits, portraying almost every spirit as being violent and evil. MOST GHOSTS ARE HARMLESS, AND DEMONS DON'T EXIST!

    The acting in the show is bad. The special effects are so bad as well.

    Please, go watch Ghost Hunters and not this shit.
  • Can't stand the new format for "A haunting"

    I've watched and enjoyed the show for years and was looking forward to the new episodes. I can't stand the new episodes! First, to makes things clear, "A Haunting" is under new direction; namely New Dominion Pictures for Destination America. In general the plots have changed quite a bit. Almost every new episode is talking about jesus jesus jesus. I'm sick of it! As if the christians have all the answers. Ok, as a sidebar, Christianity is the most hypocritical of all the major religions. But that is another discussion. Is the new administration for this show run by a bunch of christians? I know that New Dominion Pictures produces many many other shows besides "A Haunting" and I'm not familiar with jesus being mentioned in them but what the hell happened to "A haunting"?! I feel like they're forcing jesus down my throat in almost every episode. Come on! Every time a priest gets called to a haunting. matters only get worse. Christians are performing exorcisms and house blessings based on a religious dogma which is completely bogus and self destructive. They don't help but only worsen the situation. There's already more than enough christianity being forced on people daily. I certainly don't want it in a show which I used to love watching. True, "A Haunting" has always had episodes with priests doing exorcisms but it wasn't every show. Since New Dominion Pictures associated with Destination America took over, it's in every episode. Yes, I'm offended! As a paranormal investigator with years of experience having seen more than my share of actual hauntings and having been involved in exorcisms and house blessings with and for christians as well as pagans, I am offended!

    What happened? I really want to know what happened to the show. The realism of the show has been lost and replaced with christian dramatics. Like I said ealier, I used to love the show but I am not watching it again if I have to sit there and listen to people reading from the bible, jesus this and jesus that, crucifixes all over the place and holy water thrown everywhere. It's that infantile understanding of religion that gets alot of people in trouble with regard to hauntings in the first place! You have lost a loyal viewer. I'm sure your ratings will plummet.
  • Religion and prothesizing have no buisness on the Discovery channel but maybe a religious channel. This is from a christan perspective and the writers have no real clue about the occult, paranormal, wicca or witchcraf.

    Phony. Uninformed about the supernatural and occult except from a christian perspective. prothelizing has no place on the discovery channel. No real truth on the supernatural and blamed on "demons". I consider this film a bit cheezy too. I am a real wiccan and insulted by the way witches are portrayed on this show. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but they seem to bash the spiritual beliefs of others who are different. I have been practicing the occult for years from a positive perspective and never encountered any "boogymen" Bad dead in the house maybe or people are mentally ill that live there or drug addicts?
  • were is the proff

    they have tons of storys with no proff> were is video footage? were is anything but these crazy people talking about something that is impossible? ok one show features horses moving around in the stals by themselves? they rigged all sorts of stuff EXCEPT VIDEO?? LIKE ALL THE SHOWS!! THEY STATED THEY EVEN CALLED THE COPS. However the cops stayed outside the entire night not bothering doing a investagation on the inside were things were suppose too happen?? come on? really? The people on this show are really mentally unstable? its a sci fi show not actual accounts. If it was then SURPRISE?? THEY WOULD HAVE FOOTAGE? people if yoiu actually believe horses and move from a stall too another without moving a door or locks? your delusional? so too the people who make this show please please don't allow people too acutally believe this stuff. put for entertainment only? for those of you saying its real show me real footage? if your house is haunted? show me a real video. I mean if your in such distress from a haunting you should be able too video tape it even with a laptop or phone? god people are so naive they actually believe story telling

    Okay I'm actually a fan of this show which shows a lot of good details but the episode "conjuring evil" keeps talking about the girls just doing "witch craft" well that's not what witchcraft is. It gives off false information as to what people who do witchcraft more like satanic rituals.
  • Suggestion to the producers of this show

    How is it that the people being interviewed are real but I can not find a single way to apply for the show?

    I bet the show would get more views with real stories from real people. Some true tales are actually a lot more frightening than what the imagination can make up because it's realistic
  • Show footage of evidence

    I believe in paranormal activities so naturally I was drawn to the show and I do enjoy it. As a TV person myself I do think the show lacks authenticity by your inability to show actual footage of evidence gathered by investigators . While the aim of the show is to prove to people that paranormal activities do occur, I would appreciate it more if hard evidence recorded during incidents could be shown to viewers. Some skeptics might also be convinced in the process.

  • Good, can shorten the short clips in between or better yet do without.

    Before and after a commercial when they show the short clips to try and build suspence. I beleive the show can definitely do without it. My friend and I both beleive that. Other than that we really love the show and watch it daily, but the short clips before the commercial has got to go. The scream withing the short clips can stop too. It's not scary at all, but other than the short clips the show is very captivating. It catches my attention and my friends attention greatly. So Good job with the show thanks. Really good job. yeah!
  • Playing repeat episodes & calling them NEW

    I love this show when I'm in the mood for cheesy horror. I am actually a big enough fan that I can notice when they play a repeat episode and try to pass it off as a New episode and that makes me like the show less. The most recent "Demonic Activity" episode played 9/6/15 was originally played under the title "Portal of Doom" in Dec 2014. I had to look all that up. I was bothered enough to look it up. That's all. Get it together A Haunting people. You think no one is going to notice you are lazy?
  • Seeing ghosts be recreated isn't as interesting as experiencing a live one,but-

    A Haunting has a way of making the ghostly experiences these families go through seem very REAL. What I'll never understand, for the life of me is why a lot of the people stay. If a ghost is scratching me, ruining my property of harassing me-I'm not staying around to fight it. What I also find interesting is that ghosts never seem to visit black houses. There was one episode where a Hispanic family had an encounter, though. I guess ghosts can discriminate in the afterlife, too. Anyway-Haunting is a pretty good show. It's good to watch in case your family encounters a 'nother world being.
  • Sometimes I think Ghosts are fake & real but I just need some convincing.

    Yeah, the Score would be higher if the Acting was better. I did have one experience about a year ago in July or August: I was watching TV & the Window & Door was closed. The Vent is on the Roof. When I looked to the right of- near the corner of the Room, My Towel was hanging halfway & it suddenly moved up & I ran out of my Room. There was no Air either, so I don't know what caused. Nothing as serious as the show but I just don't think it is Real because each episode always needs a Priest to be involved. But I guess it is still entertaining.
  • A really creepy show where I have to remind myself that this is Hollywood's version of what happened

    I've really gotten hooked on this series. I do keep reminding myself that this is Hollywood's version of the events that happened. I personally have never experienced such events but my sister has. A few months ago she was cleaning a house where the wife had "disappeared." The husband had quickly sold the house and moved to another state after his wife disappearance. My sister felt a presence there. She talked with the presence and a feeling overcame her that the wife had been killed and was buried in the back yard. She asked me if she was safe and what should she do. I told her that getting rid of ghosts was really simple. The cross is actually a demonic symbol. In the Dead Sea Scrolls, Satan uses a cross to threaten the Son of Man and told Him that he would use a cross to kill him. The cross is actually a murder weapon. The use of the cross comes from the false notion that salvation comes through the cross. Spirits have only two of the five senses, sight and hearing. They can not smell so sage is useless. And a circle of salt? Get real! It tastes great on french frys! If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to explain how simple it is to rid a haunting.
  • Most are better than some.

    This show is largely known to be "real", but hundreds doubt that it is non-fictional. The way the producers set it to be is not like real-life, most are set up in a way that would be "un-real", most of it coming from the pure thought of "ghosts" haunting a family.

    Each show is set up like all others; you are introduced to a family, which probably recently moved, and then you see how it's usually one (or a few) family members that are targeted - and no one believes them. However, at the end, it is "too late", and they must preform an exorcism to rid of the spirit, whether it is good or evil.

    The devil - or a sign of evil - is frequently designed into the storyline to add it's "scary effect", which may turn some people away due to it's "witch-ish" effect toward most people who believe in God and stray from evil.

    Therefore, I rate it an 8.1, as the fearful factor may be high - it's originality factor is low.
  • Season three was a bit of a disappointment but the problems are easily fixable.

    I've been a fan of A Haunting since the start, but season 3 has been a disappointment. There are a few problems that I hope the producers will remedy before season four gets underway. They're all simple and do not require reinventing the wheel:
    -No more exorcisms. Almost every episode now seems to end with a priest performing one on a possessed house or person. It's not scary anymore; it's boring and predictable. How about more people fleeing from their homes in complete terror, screaming at the top of their lungs vowing never to return? How about more stories like the episode about the country music bar in Kentucky where the people stay and just put up with the ghosts? Anything but ANOTHER exocism.
    -Cut out the quick edit montages. These turn up during the big climax, often during an exorcism scene. All the scary images from earlier in the show are edited together quickly to show us all the horror that has built up to this point. They may be showy and get somebody an Emmy nomination, but they aren't scary at all. Instead, it feels like someone's trying to prop up a boring ending with flashy editing. Let it rest. The best moments on this show have always been the ones where the camera lingers, following someone down a long hall, not knowing what's going to pop out of the door just ahead.
    -Tie up loose ends. Every episode seems to have one big plot point that never gets resolved. I'll give you the worst example: a couple moves out of their house because its too haunted to live in. The grouchy mother of one of them shows up, says to h**l with their ghost stories; she's moving in anyway. Later, they go back to rescue her but she's gone. Did she flee in the middle of the night in terror? Is she dead in the back yard? We are never told, despite the fact that the episode made a big deal about her moving in. We shouldn't be left yelling at the screen SO WHAT HAPPENED? If nothing else, just resolve the dangling plot points during the closing narration. Every episode seems to have one of these questions, sometimes several. Please don't leave us hanging.
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