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  • Fantastic renactments of some of the most disturbung hauntings ever recorded in North America. The best series of its kind I have seen. Based on real life events. Simply superb.

    Based on real life events, fantastic re-enactments of some of the most disturbung hauntings ever recorded in North America. Presented in a documentary style format. Brilliant production values, well researched,chilling. Well acted and scripted. Have caught myself looking around more than once while watching the series at night.

    Use to be on Foxtel's Discovery Channel. Was so impressed with the show I bought Series 1,2 and 3.

    Raises serious questions about the after-life, to the doubters and the converted alike. I have never been touched by a haunting but I know plenty of people who have.

    The best production of its kind I have ever seen. Simply superb.
  • "Between the world we see, and the things we fear, there are doorways. When they are opened, nightmares become reality." This show reenacts incidents of paranormal phenomena, with commentary from the victims.

    If you are in the mood for some serious chills, than this is the show for you. All of the reenactments are well done, with serious emphasis being put on what scared the victims. This was a show that I discovered not too long ago on the Discovery Channel, and I must say- even though many episodes have scared me out of my wits, I love this show, and I am sad that there won't be any new episodes- at least not for now. I also will say that if you do not believe in ghosts and hauntings, you will by the time you finish watching this show. Overall, really good, scary show. Hope it comes back soon.
  • great show.

    now here's a documentary show that's scary. this show is just as scary as any horror show but it's also a documentary, now that's really scary. it's creepy, but it's a very entertaining show to watch. it features stuff that you might find in a horror show, but you see it here. the producers did a good job with this one. the stories are based a real life accounts of hauntings, and combined with some special effects adds to the creepiness of the subject. this show is a must see each week, it's really entertaining. each episode is a real treat.
  • come back!


    I love this show; but, how long do I have to wait for more episodes? There are tons of hauntings in the world today, with or without pets! Just come to Louisiana for a day or so and you will have more than you want to check out! Real educational stuff here!

  • Scares the crap out of me!

    I love this show, it's very addicting but I cant watch it all the time because I'm paranoid that a ghost is in my house. But it's pretty interesting. I have some interests in the paranormal myself and a few experiences where I've come in contact with spirits. But I wouldnt consider a under 13 years of age watching this because it can be very scary for kids to see their nightmares become real and to think that this really happened to someone. Even me at 16 am scared to death of this show but loves to watch it.

    The actors on this show could be better. Sometimes I notice them reusing actors for different episodes. but other than that, this show is great.
  • PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!

    hello im writing for help or relief or what u like to call it. I live with my grandma in a home about 100 years old or so we cant sleep good at night we are disturbingly wakened. upstairs loud noises doors slamming thing being thrown I cant take this house anymore if this show comes out I would be so happy to find out whats really here. please contact me at I really appreciate if some one can investigate.
  • It's neat!

    I got into this show back when it was new on the Discovery channel, last year when they announced new episodes I thought it was cool. It's certainly different than the last episodes but it's all the same in the end. I've noticed that no new episodes are being produced after 10/20, didn't the season just start? Where is episode 55?
  • One of the creepiest shows on TV...

    This has to be one of the creepiest shows still shown on TV. The first time I saw this, a few years ago, I was too scared to get out of bed at night. It's that freaky! Just watching the opening creeps the heck out of me! This is one scary show...

    A Haunting retells "true" stories of people being haunted by ghosts. While some episodes are a little pointless, most are really enjoyable and extremely scary! I fell in love with the series from the first episode and I'm sure a lot of other people did too. To sum it up, if you're looking for a good scare, this is the show for you!
  • stop drawing pentagrams all over everything!" (Black Magic episode)

    OMG if I ever have to say that to anyone, especially my son, a hunting would be the least of my worries!I would be more concerned that my mother was actually my sister and I was surrounded by trailer homes. Dad is in no position to judge. I know that goatee is popular with the guys at the KKK funhouse, but truth is you are just to lazy to shave aren't you? Either that or you grew it out to catch the food that falls out of your mouth to eat later. My theory is that dad and his buddies are having a competition to see how fat, ugly and ignorant they have to get before women stop making their babies. And what's with the kitten sacrifice? Again, a haunting would be the least of my worries here. You don't need a priest, you need some Haldol in that house!

    The only thing funnier than this show is watching its fans competing for who is the best Christian.
  • I did not think they would ever bring back the show

    I cant believe they made some new shows, hopefully they will keep it up and bring it back, great show
  • whyyyyyyyyyyyy did you cancel a haunting series???????????

    hey discovery...what the hell...why did you cancel a haunting series?????? geeeeeeez it was the only show on ghosts that was close to real....the other ones like ghost hunters were not even close to real.... I watch zak bagans ghost show now which is close to real...but your a haunting show was the best....why?????????????? plz tell us u will bring it back
  • Ghost Stories told by people and their pets. Reinactments and real footages are shown in this show.

    Absolute favorite show! I got into ghost shows so that I can finally get rid of my fear of ghosts, it's slowly working. This show is great because it features how the animals behave and also they show the real footage used by the different paranormal groups while they were investigating. I also like the mix of the dramatization interlinked with the real people that went through this experience.
  • This show is wonderful. I wonder why they stopped making new episodes? They need to continue the search for more hauntings.

    This is such a fabulous show. So many people have been touched by paranormal activities and hauntings and it needs to continue production. It gives insight and hope to those who may need help with such encounters. I have known people who have encountered activity, including myself. Sometimes people do seek help and understanding. The work done by Ed and Loraine Warren through the years is also an inspiration in itself. I'm sure they have many stories to tell. Maybe Loraine would be willing to contribute some of her experiences for production. This show needs to continue production for people interested in hauntings and paranormal activity, to help people who need interaction.
  • The absolute best series I have ever seen.

    I absolutly love ghostly type, haunting shows...especially documenteries. I do not like blood, guts and gore. That's not scary. This is. I have recently purchased seasons 1,2 &3. The fourth will be available soon. I don't know what I'll do when I've seen them all. I really would like to see much more of this series or something simular to it. Movies like The Changling, with George C. Scott, What Lies Beneath, with Harrison Ford, and the "non-out-doable" The Excorsist, are really great scary movies in my book. They are based on true hauntings or the possibility of. A Haunting fits right in with these. I NEED MORE! Thanks.
  • a haunting is about people being haunted by ghosts.

    a haunting is one of the best shows in the world. i watch a haunting every time i get a chance. i love to see how the whole thing will play out. i learned about some some of the ghosts. i vary interested in ghosts. i think they are so cool. i like how the show looks so real when it's only a reenactment. My whole family watches it too. i don't think their's anyone who doesn't watch a haunting once and a while. i wish that they would stop repeating the same shows over and over again. i love the show!
  • Like This Show

    I like this show, and while other religions can be used to have protection from spirits or demons, I see nothing wrong with the show promoting the use of Christianity to provide protection of the people having the experiences they are. I've had experiences from time to time, and when I use the expression "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus", it works to bring me peace. I've read demons tremble at the name of Jesus, because they know who He is.

    I believe the majority of stories on the show, but think some are elaborated on just a bit to make them more exciting. Someone in an earlier post said demons are not real, but yes they are very real. The person that said they are not is more vulnerable to their attack because they don't practice protection from them. Demons know these people are weak and take advantage of that. It is not brought out in the show, but I suspect some people having a lot of these experiences with spirits and or demons are either dabbling in the occult or saying these things don't exist. After all, at the beginning of the show the guy says "when doors are opened, nightmares begin".
  • love paranormal shows

    I love watching shows of the paranormal. Its actually all i care to watch. Which i guess is a bad thing because all im watching now are repeats OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. im really bummed about it. Fake or not my attention. Well will again if wecould get something new.

    Get on it.. i know there are storys out there .. enough to air different ones vs. Repeats ..
  • A Haunting more like a bold faced lie

    I use to like this show. But the more I watched it was too one sided. It poorly portrays belief systems other than Christianity. I actually watched one episode that didn't. Then the trend continued. It's such a shame this show was geared toward playing into the stereo types that make us shake our head in disgust.

    Also, this show loves profiling Ed, and Lorraine Warren. Which if you've done any research you find that it's a good thing Ed is no longer on this Earth to deceive, and betray confidentiality of those people he, and his wife Lorraine played for fools. Real researchers do not cash in for Hollywood. Lorraine is the only one left, and she's just as big of a charlatan as Ed if not more so because Ed's no longer there to coach her.

    Do not swallow everything you see on "A Haunting" because its ratings. It's fiction not fact. I tried watching a new episode and it was the same bias that existed as before. If you're gonna portray people who practice my religion as obsessed people who use other people's items such as a piece of hair in a love spell think again.

    We do not interfere in other people's free will. Nor do we open doors to send hauntings to their houses. People are sick, and get obsesssed as well as other things but exploring a different religion is not one of them.

    An harm none do as ye will. That's the Wiccan rede. Since that episode the show has been pulled but reruns persist. I'm happy that "A Haunting" will no longer play into negative stereotypes or push its bias on the rest of us.

    I have friends who are in every religion possible. There's no reason to enjoy A Haunting unless it's just another fictional account.

    "Based on true events" doesn't mean it's true. What it really means is made up for dramatic, and theatrical affect. Unless the book is non fiction, in which case still go do your research.
  • Christian Propaganda

    I used to love this show for the idea of the paranormal but I just can't enjoy it any more because of the blatant christian propaganda flooding every episode. Shame on every one involved in this steaming pile of garbage. If your a christian who believes in ghosts or "Demons" as they love to call them, you'll probably enjoy this show. If your any other religion or belief system this show does not care about you.
  • Not impressed

    I use to do paranormal investigations, I was the tech manager for a couple teams that I was with. So after doing it for several years I find my self unimpressed with this show. Every episode promotes god where god is the only answer & every spirit is a demon. Poppy cock, every belief system has their own way of dealing with spirits, the christian faith isn't the ONLY one that knows how to deal with such matters. Thou you'd never know that by watching the show. I discovered while actually investigating supposed haunted locations that the christian clients ALWAYS claimed to have a demon, which never turned out to be the case. The show is a fars, targeting the christian population while ignoring all other belief systems. I'd rather turn off the tv than watch that show. If I could give a 0 I would, but 1 is the lowest rating I could give.
  • My house is haunted how do I get on?

    I live in slate creek in Grundy VA. and our house is very haunted and we have had 2 different paranormal

    groups come as well as the house blessed by priest 2 times and the grave yard behind our house consecrated the grave yard as well. We have had many mediums here as well... Seen in the paper today that 2 other homes on my street are going to air soon.....

  • A Haunting will return!!!

    A haunting will have new episodes, Friday Oct. 12th on Discovery Chanel's sister station, Destination America. I just saw the promo, on tv.
  • This show is a spinner! I totally experience very little things that go on with me in my household and I try to make sense of it, saying it could be something else, but when that one day husband told me a story I started thinking otherwise!

    Ever since I was a little girl I've experienced weird things going on around me. Never nothing threatning, and it seems like to me it's just trying to let me know it's there is all. I don't know what to think about it. But when your trying to tell someone who don't believe you and then all of a sudden something happens to them and now they believe you its just down right weird to me! It makes me angry because I don't want to be bothered by nothing! My mom says it could be a good thing, but I think not!
  • I always get goosebumps whenever I watch this

    I never watch it during mornings or afternoons, I always want to watch it every midnight to keep myself awake.

    Exorcisms, possessions, haunted houses and cursed objects, classic things that always scares me anytime.

    I love this show so much, yet at the same time hate it since it always gives me nightmares, and I can't even get the scenes out of my head.

    I also feel that this show might strengthen our faith to God, since it's mostly God doing the hard work in exorcisms or taking out the devil from the person, even if it scares us, it's still a miracle for them to be alive, and I hoped they're faith in God gets stronger as well.
  • A Decent Haunting Recreation Series

    "A Haunting" actually started out as two separate Made-for-TV movie documentaries, but they must have been successes because DISCOVERY has made the movies into a regular series. For some reason, the show seems to have focused on cases that have invoked terror in the living and which involve or require exorcisms in stead of conventional peaceful hauntings which are so much more common. Even the series "Haunted Lives" proved there were good and bad ghosts while "Unsolved Mysteries" ran segments on peaceful ghosts. The episodes so far seem faithful, but some of the sets appear reused; it's hard to tell if they return to the actual locations. Using a combination of recreations and witness testimony, the series seems stuck on the pretext that spirits are always harmful, but as any true student of the subject will tell you, that is not typical. "A Haunting" is actually formulaic in its story-telling, but it will scare you if all you want is a good fright.
  • I love these shows

    I love these shows and patiently wait for each new show. I have never done anything to encourage a Ghost to appear, yet I did see a full body apparition. It is really rude when nonbelievers insult because they have not seen anything, maybe one day they will see a Ghost. If you have only negative comments about these shows, just remember that no one is forcing you to watch.

  • Awesome show

    A Haunting is the show that tells real life accounts of those who have experienced paranormal encounters. Most of them occur in houses but some of them have been seen in nightclubs and even some have shown demonic possesion. A Haunting is one of the shows that can be quite scary and is a very intersesting show to watch. Some of the downsides of A Haunting can be the actors who play the people are just not believable or the haunting they're investigating is just not very intersting. Overall, this is one of my favorite shows and I hope they continue with out, 9.4/10
  • Ok a family moves into a home unaware of what went on in it. After a few horrific ghostly encounters they ask a neighbor what went on in the house. It turns out satan worshipers lived there and they've opened a door to hell in the house.

    Ok I love this show despite the fact that it creeps me out and that all this stuff actually happened to actual people. I have one suggestion if you want to see this episode Don't watch it at 9:00 at night. This one is really creepy. Especially the entire satanists used live in the and they opened a door to hell. This I think has to be the scariest I've seen so far. I was so scared I couldnt stop watching it. What dont watch this show or episode at night you won't be able to sleep for a while.
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